Total War: Warhammer 2


Are people referring to ? Because that’s a $500 license.



Oh, finally, a use for scroll lock! Thanks!


Hah, I use Scroll Lock all the time for OBS.

  • Reinforcements should now enter the battlefield from the expected direction
  • Blessed Spawnings for Lizardmen now trigger as intended.
  • Loyalty Dilemmas for Dark Elves and Skaven now trigger.

We’ll see if any of those things are actually true this time, since they’ve all been broken since like… the first patch.


Win 10 has a menu on the taskbar for that now. Not simpler?



Honestly didn’t realize that was a thing. The button press is still convenient since you don’t have to get back to the desktop.


It came in last update. Long overdue :)


I cannot wait to get my computer reassembled so I can play this. Taking too long… getting impatient… bad thing to do when dealing with sensitive tech


Ah maybe that’s why. I had a big backlog of updates that I kicked off last night hoping it would fix my Edge issues on Twitch, it might have been in there.


This might’ve done it! I set everything I could to 24 bit, 48 and it has no stuttering at all. Yay!


Hey, I didn’t want to let my favorite space game critic miss a beat :)


Thanks so much.


Brian play the Tomb Kings on the new cpu. That is some fantastic stuff. Full everything on ultra.


Wait, how do I get to that?


Ok I just saw you ask this after the stream tonight. Brian “Tomb Kings” is a dlc in Warhammer 2… it is an undead faction in a way… but without corruption. Adding any dlc to Total War: Warhammer 2 is probably a good idea even if it is 10 bucks a pop.

Tomb Kings is just one of the 3-4 dlc that has dropped for Warhammer 2. Warhammer 2 is a consolidation of sorts – I am not quite sure I needed Warhammer 1 to get mortal empires – which is the consolidated long campaign. I think I did.

As soon as I grabbed this new computer I loaded up Warhammer 2. Even if you stay with those 4 factions – that is an excellent game. But CA is expanding on the world and have dropped 4 or 5 doc to get things going. Bottom line: Put everything on ultra with that new cpu and play anything. Unbelievable.

As I may have mentioned Total war has always been about strategy, tactics, real time movement – blah blah blah. It has also been about spectacle. This is why Total War games survive through the ages. The “spectacle” of battle - it is just fun as hell to watch.


Ohhhhhhhh I see. I own all the DLC.


New dlc drops tomorrow.

Hey one last thing – the mod on steam that let’s you corral some units to the ai? That is a good mod – let me double check but I actually think it’s called “Spectator AI” – great mod.

Nope its called “AI general II: Spectator mode enhanced” == just a fun mod all round.


I’ve got that mod. Won’t play without it.


I [quote=“KristiGaines, post:1176, topic:129123”]
It has also been about spectacle.

I think it has two sets of fans from what I can tell. The spectacle ones like to zoom in and look at all the little dudes and download blood packs.

I have only ever zoomed in during artillery firing. I use my troops like… RTSs or maybe like that old old game Centurion. Man I still remember the music.