Total War: Warhammer 2


Bought this and all the DLC during the Steam sale (I had owned WH1 for quite awhile but didn’t really dig into it because it ran pretty poorly on my old pc). Built a new gaming rig a couple weeks ago and with everything maxed out, oh my the eye candy. My wife is not going to appreciate me bunkering up with this for a thousand hours.


I am exactly the same way. Well except for the ex-husband doesn’t care. But yes the game is fantastic with a better pc. Too bad mortal empire turn times are still a bit slowish. Not slow --maybe 1 minute?


So jealous of you guys with new PCs. Enjoy!!


Mark I feel that. Took two years and a divorce settlement to grab a new PC. Worth it’s weight in gold. And thx!


Was your posting that made the final decision for me to do the upgrade.


Hah. I started that sentence wondering if the ending was going to be ‘for me to get that divorce’.


You play Warhammer 2 with a good pc and … well you realize that CA got a good deal on that license.

Recall: If you are aa Total War fan you have Strategic layer (hit and miss) and tactical layer (holy god some of these battles) but you play the game for spectacle.

I played Rome I for that …. and Medieval 2 (tons of great mods). But …… Warhammer 2 just is incredible,


Rome 1 was my fav non-fantasy Total War. Best music, units I can actually see that seem larger than life, the family stuff in Rome 1 is still better than Rom 2 with upgrades and the city battles were much better as well.


J I agree. Rome I was where they got the whole thing down I thought. Even the tutorial was good.


I need to start a new campaign and I just don’t know what to be/do. So indecisive! Go Mortal Empires something I haven’t done? Or another Vortex campaign? Already did High Elf long ago, and did Tomb Kings whenever it came out.

What to do!?


Vortex Campaign: Play the Lizardmen as Krok’Gar so you can feel the suffering of your enemies and hear the lamentations of their women and children.


Sharpe is so right. Crush stuff.


Wow, those are the last guys I was going to play in a Vortex scenario. The candy colored dinos turned me off (ironically seeing how I just posted about dinosaurs in EE).

They’re a lot of fun then?


Listen you are dinosaurs riding dinosaurs. You’re following a divine “plan” which is basically like half-forgotten and misinterpreted instructions and blueprints from 10000000 years ago, when the Old Ones made the planet. The lizards are like genetically-engineered servant races but they lost their masters so they just keep following the original blueprints.

The great holocaust of dwarfs was because they looked at the world and realized the continents weren’t were they were supposed to be in the Great Plan so they did a little rearrangement which doesn’t work too good for the people who live inside the mountains that are being moved. Also the skaven may have helped in that clusterfuck, accidentally.


In other words: Crush stuff. Play last defenders in Vortex campaign and learn not feel bad at the deaths of so many rats. Or anything else. And then ride a giant dinosaur to kill everything else.

The one thing CA learned in all their campaigns: Every now and then its just fun to crush and kill stuff.


True. I just had a quick play around as Tomb Kings (Settra) and took a lot of joy watching that Khemerian Warsphinx frolicking amongst the orcs like a kitten dances amongst the daisies was a sight to behold. Or, when wrapping up my high elf campaign last night I was watching one of my star dragons engage in aerial combat with a Dark Elf Legendary Lord, slamming the unit model to the ground in a pokemon like Seismic toss.

I really should save some my bigger fights to appreciate the animations.


No-no! Tiny little skavens are the way. Yes-yes!


Picked up WH2 and all the discounted DLC (except the pointless blood stuff) during the sale.

The only thing that annoys me at the moment are the random Chaos spawns. Haven’t played ME yet, but I understand in that scenario they just pop up where-ever - whereas in the Vortex campaign, they pop up when you start a ritual - and always in whichever place you have the least armies/forces.

I’ve been finding that incredibly annoying in the Vortex campaign. Not hard - because you can always stomp them down, and the loss of 1-2 minor towns isn’t a big deal by the end-game when you’re rolling in gold, but incredibly annoying because one has to spend way too much effort garrisoning the empire and rebuilding stuff to finish the campaign the lore-ful way. Instead of being fun (crushing stuff, legendary battles), it’s basically turned into Chaos whack-a-mole.

I think I preferred the TWH1 approach better. Have Chaos as a timed threat designed provoke some big, epic end-game battles - or wrap it up with a series of “hand-crafted” battle at the end like in the Bretonnia campaign campaign.


They aren’t random, unless you mean high corruption spawns? Chaos is a triggered invasion. There’s several factions, the main chaos guys that you need to defeat to win, and accompanying minor chaos guys that spawn to annoy you.

Bait + ambush. AI falls for it most of the time.


That’s kind of my understanding, and what I dislike. Because basically when a game mechanic is based on random spawns to annoy the player, the game designer has done one big thing wrong - they’re annoying the player.