Total War: Warhammer 2


Remember to keep charging with the cavalry, disengaging, and then hitting again, preferably from the flank or rear. Don’t just leave them stuck in, as that eliminates all of their advantages.


Yup! That much hasn’t changed from earlier TW’s!


If you’re good with Cav, you can go far with the Empire.


ooomalley can I get a clarification? you are playing Warhammer 1 right? Just FYI Warhammer 2 has a mortal empires campaign and you can play the empire there as well. The games sorta merge.

I’ve played the empire quite a bit n both games and they have one thing that is great: a huge assortment of troop types. Artillery, great cav, good infantry, and ultimately great ranged.

A tip that I think may be obvious as the Empire: Diplomacy. Trade treaties and links and slowly start unifying the whole empire as best you can… Durn ol Vampires.


I’m playing plain old Total Warhammer 1 ( it was on sale for $12.50). I do love a variety of unit types, which is also why I chose Empire.

I just attacked across the river into Middenland; unfortunately the beastmen came out of nowhere and razed a town I had just dropped 4k on for a blacksmith. Turns out that when you rebuild, you lose like 75% of your troops… that’s gonna be a reload.


If you’re really good with cav, you’ll love playing as Bretonnia too. :-) They are obsessed with them.


So --uh --let’s reappraise a bit. If you all happen to have all of the DLC loaded up till now, mortal empires becomes a bit more … um challenging. The campaign is also more dynamic because all the factions are in the world.

I have just lost my first campaign in Warhammer.2… Belgar Ironhammer and his quest to retake Karak Eight-Peaks? Crushed under endless pirates, vampires, and orcs. At the end I saw 5 full stacks of “greenskins” (the civil rights lawyer in me hates saying that word) pouring into the south.

Aside from the fact that a turn in mortal empires still takes a minute. The game is now very seriously balanced in all respects all factions in ME. And yes, losing a campaign makes me think it is balanced. I will spend tomorrow figuring out how to win that campaign. (BTW I tried an early run for Karak 8-peaks with a full stack and I couldn’t make it)


I am confused about what your saying. Isn’t the game the same regardless of which DLC you have bought? The only difference is which legendary lords you can start a new campaign with (and a few additional units you can build for some factions).


This should be correct. It would probably be more accurate to say “up to date” since the changes are introduced game-wide via the patches that come out with the DLC.

And Belgar was always the worst campaign imo. Surrounded by enemies for the most part oh and also your penalty is higher upkeep. On Dwarfs. Great. So you have one stack if you’re lucky while waves of enemies come at you from everywhere, even across the Badlands from K8P Gits.

Though people who play them well say that Vampire Coast has made that even worse. Presumably Sartossa tends to roam over and start making trouble?


Shiva you have the right of it.


RH the campaign changes with dlcs. It is not the same. In a me (mortal empires) campaign in Warhammer 2 as Belgar ironhammer – you have Many more threats.

This is the hard campaign I am convinced.


Are you referring to Warhammer 2 as the DLC? Or do you mean DLCs for Warhammer 2?


I think she means WH1 vs WH2 ME.

After all the DLC for WH2, the ME threats for Belegar are massive compared to what you’d experience in WH1. Skaven. Vampirates, etc just don’t exist in WH1. You have basically Skarsnik to deal with. Some Elves and Beastmen if you’re really unlucky. In WH2 in a ME game you have that, plus the rest of it.


ShivaX? Exactly.


KevinC == with the full dlc’s going in Warhammer 2 (mortal empires) the game gets very dicey, Strategy changes for every faction. I figure you probably know that and I was just not clear in my desperate posts above as I was destroyed the last few days,


Loving my limited play times in this, but the load times are brutal. I’ll need to hold off until I grab a larger SSD around Xmas. That’s supposed to help noticeably, right?


SSD helps noticeably, load times aren’t something I really think about any more on PC since I got one. They are still present, don’t get me wrong, but they tend to be short enough I don’t notice them much. Hell, some games load so fast I can’t even read tool tips!

Looks like 25 or so seconds to load a mortal empires campaign. I filmed a video if you want to compare with your current load times. This is with my older Samsung 840 512GB I got when I built this PC back in 2014, I’m sure newer SSD’s are even faster.


Sartossa and the Dreadlords. I am not positive but I think their start position in ME has them stomping on the poor Border princes very early. So then (as belgar) on top of skaven corruption you start getting vampire corruption. In the Belgar campaign I lost, I crushed the crooked green guys in the north, but the empire was overwhelmed by vampires, the border princes were crushed by vampirates, and the greenskins were pouring over the badlands. Don’t get me wrong: My Dwarves put up a furious fight but attrition was too much.
Just to be clear: DLC for Warhammer 2 not only adds lords and troop types, it inserts the new faction onto the map (either vortex or ME), essentially “filling in” space that was otherwise neutral or belonged to a then-existing faction. The ME map of factions is different than when War2 started (tomb kings, averlorn and nagaryth(sp), and pirates). And multiple lords in each faction for pirates and tomb kings.

I think I may shore up the Bordor Princes with a mod…


Graphics card makes a big difference for total war load times. I have an nvme I am not convinced it makes a difference from an old sata SSD in real world performance.


Well, I can say that going from a 1080 GTX to a 1080 Ti GTX didn’t change my load times, but maybe those two cards are just not different enough to make a dent?