Total War: Warhammer 2


I’ll be resuming playing this once i have a larger SSd installed for it.

Currently my steam library is not on the ssd, because the ssd is tiny.

It means TW2 loads very slowly. :(


Eh, doesn’t bother me much. Again, I remember when it was literally waves of them, like 8-12 of the little bastards would run out and chain assault/block/assassinate you. And they could kill Lords.

Now after they act you get a buff to be more or less immune to them. I find I can usually manage them without much issue with one assassinator of my own.

It probably depends on who you are and where you are as well. They’re capped pretty tight for the most part for most factions nowadays.


If the agents bother you, there is a mod (called “Passive AI Agents” or something, I think) that lowers the success rate for AI actions to 0%, so they will never actually attempt actions against you.

Just throwing that out there because for every person who I know that finds agents fun, I also know one that finds them extremely tedious and grating.

Seeing as this game doesn’t even disable achievements with mods on, I can’t really think of any compelling reason to not play it however you find most fun!


BBB I am going to move the game to the ssd drive just to see the difference. An overall better computer makes the game move faster but load times and me turn times are still a bit slower than I expected.


Agents\Heroes can be fun in Total War, but as the difficult level gets higher and the AI gets more extreme bonuses and everyone starts to solely target you it can hit a critical mass where it becomes way more annoying than enjoyable. So what else is new with Total War and how they try to make the AI a challenge at higher difficulty levels.

Agents in Empire, Napoleon and Shogun II weren’t really as massive an annoyance to me since while they could be powerful I rarely found them running around in the same numbers that the AI spams them in Rome II and later titles. Whether it was because there was actually less of them in play at the time or the AI just wasn’t as single-mindedly hell bent on making your life miserable with agents, Shogun 2’s agents are largely this style of agent done right to me.


Yeah sry very little difference. I suspect processor is the way to get faster speed in that game. But I dunno.

As for agents I am sorely torn. They can be a pain in the rear end but they give you a lot of bonusses and can actually hold their own in a fight. But I think overall I would probably get rid of them were I Total War queen. I think they add less than the take away.



I have a fairly powerful computer, so I was thinking ssd was the bottleneck.


That’s interesting, SSD should make a massive difference when loading into battles. I had to move the game to my SSD and it probably cut load times by 75%. I guess with my CPU it was purely the HDD that was the bottleneck.


I’m discussing very similar issues I’m having with this game with a brand new computer with decent specifications here:

It’s a very odd thing to me.


The TW2 engine is a pig, I’ve seen people have super brand new spanking PCs with 1080s and I think they only get 47 FPS or something.

ALSO medium on one video card is not the same as medium on another video card.


Yeah, it can wrestle the strongest systems to the ground.


Agents are probably particularly painful in this patch because there’s a bug that basically gives them 100% success chance that some probably are running into.

The other big bug of the patch is 100% crash when a Vampire Coast AI is eliminated when the player is not also playing Vampire Coast.

No idea how these are making it through QA.


At turn 128 I finally recovered Karak Eight-Peaks for Belegar Ironhammer. hard/vh. That is my only settlement now. I am surrounded by orcs and stuff. There is hardly an old empire faction left. the whole world is in chaos.

Toughest Warhammer campaign there is in my opinion. And I hate agents.



I do think Skarsnik’s campaign is harder. Or at least I haven’t figured out what to do with him.

I have one successful reclamation of Karnak Eight-Peaks as Belegar (pre-Pirate Coast admittedly) and several very unsuccessful attempts to play as Skarsnik.


Pirate coast added some difficulty for sure. But I think the Empire being weak and letting the vampires in was worse. When I took karak 8P I had no settlements back there … I had my ironhammers and my ghost heroes. Well, and 3 unites of Bugman’s.


Empire weak because stupid orcs too strong as of a few patches ago.


So I’m truckin along as the Empire (Total Warhammer 1 only, no dlc). I didn’t appreciate the fact that you can only go past tier 3 buildings in the province capital so I knocked down the barracks (that the tutorial told me to upgrade, no less) to relocate to a backwater somewhere. Interestingly the building for Reiksgard is a solo T3 so that was also obvious to put outside the capital… And now I can recruit heavy cavalry! I want to build the normal cavalry chain in my second province, because I don’t even know what a demigriff is but it sounds cool, but if this is anything like other TW’s then the differences between shock cav will be largely cosmetic (and expensive) so I should probably go for cannon first.

I also have a captain and a priest now, and the ability to be either a hero on the battlefield or an agent on the map is really cool.

I got a hedge wizard follower for my amber wizard, which was great, but then I got like 3 more and I have nowhere to put them. I can’t even find them… Is there a screen that displays followers and items other than the character screen where you assign them (and can presumably see only the applicable ones)?

Also my wizard now summons a manticore… the orcs did not like that one bit.

Finally, the capital-D Dwarves declared war on me, for no reason I can tell, and I don’t know where they are. On the other side of the vampires, maybe?


Is this Mortal Empires or Warhammer I campaign?


Tw1. …no mortal empires I thought?


Not just for that. I didn’t know if you had both to get ME.