Total War: Warhammer 2


I’m pretty sure it’s not Mortal Empires. I’ve only purchased TW1 and I’ve never seen “Mortal Empires” in game.


Correct, reading my last post it was worded very oddly lol.


Death Incarnate mostly.


Started working my way through the undead and I really like how different the battles are. The thing where they dissipate instead of flee is cool; they seem to last a bit longer in combat (ie beyond where I’d expect similar-level humans to flee) and then poof! …and I can immediately swing around and roll up the line without worrying about chasing them down. Also has a neat impact on the strategic layer because I don’t seem to need to really chase them there, either (though sometimes some survive a battle but I can’t figure out why).

They also don’t seem to have ranged units* but instead some flyers and monsters. And that one heavy cav they brought outclassed my Reiksgard, which was… yikes.

I also confederated someone; not sure it was worth it because I ended up with an extra general (having just recruited one the turn before, not realizing this would happen) so I went broke for only one extra province. Still, I’d have needed to get it in the end anyway.

I’m thinking it’s time to settle up with the vampires for some cash, now that I’ve knocked them down to one or two provinces, gobble up this human fiefdom that I awkwardly surround, and then go and finish them off. Still worried I’ll overextend, though. Plus I need to save up some tens of thousands of coins to complete these quests the Emperor keeps getting…

  • Though I distinctly remember seeing photos of skeleton archers from the table top game.


Vampire Counts don’t have ranged units. Tomb Kings should, but I haven’t tangled with them yet to know.


The blue dwarfs declared war on the Empire? Jesus, that’s like the only reliable alliance in the entire game.


Yeah, it really seemed like one of those old Civ-style AI misfires: “I’m going to declare war on you even though we’re friends and we don’t share a border and we can’t get to each other.” About ten or fifteen turns later I asked for peace and got it, no conditions or shots fired or anything.


Tomb Kings have meh archers and artillery. Vampire Coast has artillery to rival the Empire/Dwarves and ranged units (firepower wise) to rival Elves.


Ah, so they have Games Workshop doing the balancing as well as the lore then… (when I played tabletop, it was a pretty safe bet that there would be noticeable power-creep between armies based on when their army book came out…)


I felt like TW:WH2 had some of that in general, because High Elf and Dark Elf armies seem powerful compared to the TW:WH1 factions. But also more expensive so maybe it balances out. I’m told those factions were always really good in tabletop too, but I never played it so I can’t say.

Tomb Kings and Vampire Coast, which are the two most recent new DLC factions, both field interesting armies but hardly overpowered. Tomb King troops are definitely undead-ish and largely disposable, but they have neat chariots and constructs that are pretty tough. Tomb Kings whole schtick is that they can lose and replace troops quickly. Vampire Coast specializes in ranged fire and artillery but their troops ain’t that great at anything else. They have no cavalry really at all, a lot of the troops are painfully slow, and they are very prone to being caught out of position and flanked because they can’t reposition fast enough to do anything about it. Both factions also have the undead morale problem in that their troops fall apart instead of running away and rallying and coming back to the fight.


Turn 234 Belegar Ironhammer – VH/Hard (me/Warhammer 2). (I think). The dwarves have re-conquered their old kingdom! Gold is coming in like a waterfall.

The whole of the human kingdoms lies ruined and occupied by vampires. It truly is an apocalypse. I have just taken the rises going into the northern part of the wastelands and looked down on the dark and unholy vampire kingdoms.

I may try and do a screenshot of my campaign map. Anyone who plays the dwarves knows what I will be doing --sneaking up that right side for more dwarven fastnesses and then counting on gold to recruit my sturdy warriors! (Eastern mountains east of vampires).

In ME Kamrhi (so?) tomb kings are super strong as are the wood elves. Been a tough long campaign.


What’s going on in VH? Do the tomb things hate you? Diplo penalties?

Elfs I understand, they are jerks, and wood elfs are the jerkiest of the non-evil elfs.


Wise I find that the Tomb kings in me at least are neutral. They can be swayed either way. Khamri is the only real Tomb King power left and we are allies now.

Lothern and Averlorn just confederated, and wood elves are snapping up old greenskin cities.

But the vampires – holy crap. Chaos invasion has no chance (nor maybe do I) against 50 vampire cities. It is unbelievable.

It is my longest ME campaign.


Okay that was just confusing because Settra is usually a great trading partner when I play - he accepts readily, doesn’t break it. Just gotta watch out for trading with Arkham.

All the other major powers can be iffy - Lothern in particular.


I am going to try and link a screenshot from my 230 turn mortal empires campaign as belegar ironhammer. Almost 2 months of grueling conflict.

It may have worked. It is just fun to see how the world is after 200 turns. Btw I don’t think there are any humans alive.

(I can’t believe I figured out how to link a screenshot)

I am going to just say this: To persist in a long game ME campaign in Warhammer 2 tests resolve, patience, and tactics. Since I rarely have any of those things this has been a tough campaign.

Check out those vampires.

But you know If I could switch to wood elves …. they aren’t terrible.


This major update revamps the Red Skill Trees of the Old World Lords and Legendary Lords in Mortal Empires, adding a host of new skills and updating existing ones to be on par with their New World counterparts. Certain legacy Red Skills have been moved up to the Lords’ Yellow (character) Skill Tree, or have been compressed down into single or double-tier skills now, giving players more bang-for-buck with their skill point expenditure.

There is a chart. It is large.

Lots of bug fixes, relevant:

Fixed agent success chance becoming 100% when the actual chance fell below 0%.


That looks awesome.

We need to get back into our co-op game again.


Thanks for posting that. So does this mean I need to start a new game?


It’s in beta atm, I think, so probably not, though I’m guessing it wont be compatible with saves given the level of changes.


Saves are not compatible, but you’ll have access to the old version for some time: