Total War: Warhammer 2


Kristi and others - what difficulty level are you playing your ME campaigns on?


I play some coop campaign with a friend, I can’t do Orcs on legendary and keep up with him, so its very hard…my opponents are mostly roadblocks and he wtfstomps vampires as Empire.


Good question and it can vary a bit. I hate the AI adjustments in more than normal but I still usually play hard (battle) and very hard (campaign).

That said I think normal (battle) and hard (campaign) is probably the real normal. The middle, so to speak.

As I mentioned and others have agreed a ME campaign now with Pirates, Tomb Kings, and Nag/Avelorn is a tough match.

I may start a bretonnia ME campaign on normal (battle) and hard (campaign) just to see if it wil work. Those guys have it rough too.


I’m playing a hard campaign and normal battles. It feels about right. It’s challenging, but not overly so.


Haven’t played in awhile, but always VH/VH or Legendary. Have trouble not abusing mechanics, so has to be that way.


(ok FD --what mechanics do you abuse? Spoiler it if you can…)


In general, you want to be blitzkrieg the crap out of your starting position which requires taking unfavourable fights against superior forces and consistently winning with as few casualties as possible. The easiest way of doing this is using lord tanks and mass missile. For those without mass missile, monsters up the back do just as well.

e.g. off of memory, Von Carsteins should take out the VC minor Templehof turn 3/4, and immediately followup with Mannfred in the next few turns. Similarly the VC mirror that, take out Templehof T3/4, etc.

e.g. walkthrough of the start of legendary Avelorn, including siege abuse video


Agree, tank with your lord, then setup a artillery line and pummel the shit out of the troops surrounding your lord…

Only buy archers, if your faction has good ones, if not, get rock lobbers(looking at you orc)

You can rush , but sometimes you just want to level your lord, it depends a bit.

On legendary, rapid expansion too early might just give you too many enemies, just remember that.


Would you consider wood elves good archers?


Yeahhh??? 360 no scope waywatchers.


Drats I use those abuses already … and I still get crushed occasionally. Or attritioned


Wood elves are specialist archers with huge micro demand, also their upgraded archers are so narrow in use that wrong target can just waste arrows, also have no artilley. High elves or dark elf for moar Killy less effort


Oh apparently patch.


Yeah, finally the Festag update is out. Moment I’ve been waiting for. Good thing I have the day off!

Another abuse is to use flying units to kite the oppositions ranged units. It does involve a lot of micro, but being able to whittle down their ammunition missing a big flyer can stack the battle. Won’t really work with gunpowder units however.


I actually find that wood elf melee is pretty darn good if you trait for it. I think Nagaryth (sp) has the best archers. Though I am not sure … those handmaidens are good…


Was there anything major you were looking for in this update?


This is where you pay attention to unit details. Sisters of Avelorn are armor piercing, which means they actually can kill heavy infantry.

WE T1 melee is actually pretty good as line holders. The rest are glass cannons though (exception: treekin).


Mostly the changes to skill trees for the old world factions. Sitting down with Grombrindal now (Dwarves) and yeah, it looks tidier I guess?


FD you didn’t comment on Nag archers… I think a traited boss plus research makes them the best. (“Shadow walkers?”)

I also think that a too stress on missile weapons is a mistake. Good solid melee and great aerial cav (dragons/etc ) is a great mix.


Yeah, I guess if on VH/Legendary they up the melee stats but not the ranged resistance (which I guess there isn’t really a stat for, just armor and HP), then that sounds like a reasonable strategy (Lord tanking + all ranged, I mean). But it doesn’t sound fun, to me.