Total War: Warhammer 2


Full campaign map has been revealed, here is some analysis from folks that know this stuff way better than I:

Full Resolution Map

EDIT - I can’t find an updated map to reflect all the changes to the original campaign map, but I think I have it shrunk down to the right proportion using the flag icons as a zero point reference. Here is the new map with the old map for comparrison sake (I’m not 100% sure it places though, I think it’s maybe a little higher, but I didn’t want the image to be any bigger than it had to be).


Here’s a rough version from reddit - although the actual joined map will consolidate a bunch of provinces.


I looked but couldn’t make it out, where is chaos on this one?


Wow, wasn’t expecting the Tomb Kings in this one…

It’s really only Chaos Dwarves and Ogre Kingdoms left for the new one (along possibly new invented armies from lore and some Chaos variants, I guess). My money now is in the third game being about the combined campaign experience.


That would run counter to their vision and what they have said though. We should be seeing the merged campaign just a few months after Warhammer 2 releases.


Oh yes, we are getting the campaign soon.

I meant the marketing focus of the third game will be to expand the campaign experience for those who already have the previous games, and sort of not focusing as much in the individual, smaller map of the third game.


Anything’s possible. Though I’m pretty sure they have stated each game will have 4 factions out of the box, but I agree I don’t know what those four factions could be. I’m not super into the lore though, and from what I’ve read the Norsca are sort of “all new” so they could always do something like that?


Chaos Dwarves, Chaos Daemons and Ogre Kingdoms are nations that most likely will be on the third game. the problem is that all three are “evil” and not that popular, so that’s why it feels a game centered around them might be underwhelming if not for their addition to the combined campaign…


There are plenty of nations without army books, such as Cathay, the Hobgoblins, Nippon and the Kingdom of Ind. If we can have the Norsa, those might be in the cards.


I know, I’m just unsure those could move a game on their own, in terms of sales, since they are by definition unpopular.

I think one we will be getting at some point is a proper Kislev faction.




Die-Die, Elf things! (chitters maniacally)


This was such a dumb secret, that I’m disappointed it’s the Skaven after all. Kind of a let down. They led us down this dumb rabbit hole of not revealing that it’s the most obvious possible 4th faction? After all that, I was hoping it would be like “Surprise, it’s Tomb Kings with Skaven being in the game and available as a FreeLC later” or something, just to throw everyone off.



Dear God that map looks so…

Is GW that lacking in imagination? I mean, I think a drew an identical map of the world placing Europe, North and South America etc, when I was 4.

Luckily for them the TW:Warhammer game turned out quite enjoyable. Just the injection the series needed.



I’m not skeptical of the idea of factions being given away free but I am/was very skeptical that Skaven–the faction that internet fanbois froth at the mouth over and outlets like Rock Paper Shotgun scream in girly giddiness over–would ever be given away for free. The demand is too high.


Well, I mean, I suppose, but I was just giving a random example - the main thrust of my point was they should have done something besides the incredibly obvious thing.


That was actually kind of the worst in-game trailer they’ve done for Warhammer. It almost seems a bit stripped down and thrown together. There wasn’t even any dialog! And even the music kind of sucked. For Skaven, the great fanboy faction of Warhammer.

This is why i have some significant skepticism there is going to be a Warhammer 3. I actually think 2 will be the end of the line here, it already looks like they’re pulling resources from the game development, and instead of trying to milk the Skaven for all they’re worth, just tossing everything into the pot and finish the stew.


I mean, that’s certainly … an opinion someone could have, I suppose, but I don’t see it myself. To me it as a great way to show off the Skaven in-engine, and it was very successful for that.

I still don’t by that they are ramping down on Warhammer as a Total War IP, either. It’s a massive seller for them, even as I type this Warhammer 2 pre-orders are in the top 5 on Steam and it won’t be out for almost 6 weeks. Norsca is in the top 20, and even Warhammer 1 itself is still in the top 40.

EDIT - Some Google sleuthing shows it’s their fastest seller and top earner and continues to do better than any other Total War they’ve done. This is probably why we aren’t hearing a lot about the historical stuff, would be my guess - all hands are on this deck.