Total War: Warhammer 2

Well it’s very much not obvious, you could expect this boot to delete the whole horde.

And just giving all your troops to a new horde means you start paying abyssmal wages to all those guys. In some cases single unit switches from requiring precisely 0 upkeep to ~400.

Agreed, it’s a UI fail that it’s such a difficult option to find. UIs are like jokes, if you have to explain them then they aren’t good.

I also agree on the new horde tax, it’s definitely a pain with horde faction. That’s why giving the new horde to an experienced leader who will grow it fast is pretty important. The sooner those -upkeep buildings can be built the better. Though honestly late game horde factions should expect to have hugely negative budget every turn and be making it up with cash with sacking/razing/fighting.

A reminder. You have to go through their Total War Access thing because they hate you.

Yea that total war access thing is totally pointless and stupid.


You guys don’t like ENGAGEMENT?

I’m fine with engagement. After the archers have softened up the opposing line first.

I suppose if CA wants engagement on those terms for free DLC I could see it. But I’d need to figure out where to hire a company of archers first so it might get spendy.

At least I should be able to resume my game now.

I didn’t have access to Gotrek and Felix when I started a game after the patch that introduced them, but I still had the event trigger that made them available and I foolishly walked a unit onto the event thinking that the event was QA’d. All was well until the next timed event with them fired and my game promptly crashed. The answer from CA was to wait until G&F became available for everyone.

And of course the redeeming is broken for me yah engagement

If I had just finished playing Warhammer Total War (almost all factions, but Von Carstein was the best) and I admit that the game got a little bored. So if I buy Warhammer Total War 2 right away, will I still be bored? Is it more of the same (I like this game)?
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That depends entirely on what you are growing tired of doing? Playing out the real-time battles? Because the battles are the same but with different units (generally). Moving the armies and agents around on the campaign map? Because that’s also the same. Building up your cities to upgrade infrastructure and research new bonuses and tech? Same once again. But the sequel has a better campaign, and the Mortal Empires campaign is very cool and… sprawling. But again, it depends on what you are getting bored by.

Hard to say, but personally I LOVE the Vortex campaigns.

I played almost all the factions in WH1 (except Wood Elves) and then went straight in to the vortex campaign when WH2 released. I thought it was a breath of fresh air.

Also I agree that Von Carstein is great. But it think I had more fun playing Lizardmen, Skaven and Tomb Kings. But it’s been a while, maybe it time I played Von Carstein Mortal Empires…

I tried to access that total war access thing to get those heroes and then said “what am I doing” – I don’t need to register for anything else.

Also recall the vortex campaign is many things to many factions --many factions have other goals (and turn times are SO much better)

You convinced me :-) Although it takes a lot of time, but coming up with my own effective tactics gave me so much satisfaction. I’ll make myself such a gift for the weekend.

This was on sale, and I’ve been after it for a while - having played enough Warhammer 1 (all but the Beastmen grand campaign).

How many GB!? I guess I’m finally getting that new 1TB SSD…

I’ve also been waiting for a sale on this. I got it this morning and will play it tonight.

It’s a 36 gig download and needs about 57 gig of drive space.

And if I remember right, this is one of those games that patches poorly, so needs a good chunk of extra space when an update comes along.

Yup! I’ve been intending to upgrade my storage for a while now. I guess that new monitor will have to wait.

Next DLC leaked:


Deathmaster Sniktch and Malus Darkblade

Probably an FLC we don’t know about as well.

Thanquol fans get nervous and cry a little.