Total War: Warhammer 3

Today’s press release confirms both the Kislev and Cathay armies as playable factions alongside the agents of Chaos — Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, and Tzeentch. Fans of the Warhammer 40,000 setting will recognize those gods, which are shared between both gameplay systems. Today’s news release also hints at “iconic new races from the World of Warhammer Fantasy Battles system.” Expect more information on those factions to trickle out, along with details on a release window, over the next several months.

Yesssss. About damn time.

I wonder if this will be the one I get at full price…

Also, did she have a tent with a glass window? How does that work?!

Of course. I finally get TWW2 - and only have a few aborted attempts at playing - so the sequel is coming (it’s like winter, but differently annoying).

I still have to buy Warhammer 2. Maybe now it will appear on a Humble bundle pack!

Since it was part of the Humble Monthly at one point, I suppose that means it could return in a bundle. Or maybe an Epic giveaway?

About bloody time indeed.

I should probably dust off the old game and play it.

My amount of hours in this series are shockingly low.

Fucking Cathay.

The Hyper Nerds just died from happiness.

Is this their China-analogue?

Cathay sounds like a cool faction, skimming some info on the web about them.

@ooomalley yeah, that’s what I gather. Plus ogres?!

Yes. Apparently they’re going to probably get an army book when they bring back the Old World on table top, so CA and GW are working pretty closely on this by all accounts. Same with Kislev who hasn’t had a book in a while from what people are saying.

Cathay is so out of left field. We know almost nothing about them officially to my knowledge.

That’s a very cool trailer. It’s like an ad for a mobile game.

Only TW1 was part of one, not TW2.

I can’t help but wonder if they’re doing Cathay to try to appeal to Chinese audiences. It’s a big market!

Also, good lord, how many more factions can there possibly be?

Yup and close proximity to Ogre Kingdoms makes you wonder if they are the pre-order bonus faction or if it’s Chaos Dwarfs, Nippon etc. Very excited! We also have 1 more DLC for WH2 coming so good times!

Wait a sec, is the name of their Japan-analogue actually Nippon?

Woah, so it is. I tend to assume everything in my library is from Humble Monthly nowadays.


It’s pretty much exactly what the YouTuber who goes by the name (for whatever reason) milkandcookiestw predicted well over a year ago.

If/when Total War ever goes into the Age of Sigmar, i suppose it will be a new franchise. Curse you Creative Assembly, my long bet on the theme of War 3 has been beaten! (/turns to Tzeentch)