Total War: Warhammer 3

I was struggling in my Ogre campaign as I had a long corridor of territory stretching from the west coast to Cathay. I’m retreating in a mostly organized manner (taking out a couple of their armies in the process) after Mousillon and Barrow Legion exploded on that flank. Sylvania is getting busy with some dwarfs, but I’m sure I’ll be seeing them shortly. Blue Roses must be expanding elsewhere, because I haven’t seen their armies. Finally, I’m working on whatever the WH afro-vamps are called. Khemri is pretty strong around them, so I hope to get some help from them as they are my allies. They already blew one wonderful chance to team up on an isolated vamp army with me.

Ahahaha Imrik (Caledor) has the worst starts. The only thing I found that worked was to head south east and conquer the islands, and abandon your starting province. Weirdly it still took the AI about 15 turns to capture it all.

I’m finally getting the capacity to recruit my own dragons, so not far off Imrik’s army consisting solely of super cheap dragons and dragon princes, which is the entire point of playing Imrik in the first place :)

To be fair, this is 100% consistent with Warhammer lore.

The whole point was that for the AI playing Tzinch, in every example I found, this does NOT happen. This is an example of anti-player bias.

I don’t think it may be anti player as much as a high bias against “threat” - threat seems to be whenever an empire gets large, the other AIs dislike them. It is a common anti-snowball mechanic we’re all familiar with even thought it is annoying.

That seems dubious at best. Again when is see the AI controlled Tzinch, its doing pretty well and not at war with the ghost lizards. Its possible I grow just a tad too much, but I really have my doubts about that.
Its not like they declare war on me when I have taken over half the desert. In fact, most times I have not even beaten red and orange lizards yet when the ghost guys declare war on me.

Yet AI Tzinch, has beaten both, and is well into the desert region, but it is somehow at peace with the remaining lizard folk. I have seen this 3 times with the AI Tzinch.

The player can generally grow more rapidly and with fewer troops (and therefore lower strength), both of which make you more likely to be attacked.

However I’m also very willing to believe there is a bias to attack the player :)

You may be right on both counts. I honestly don’t care what the mechanical driver is, the result is aggravating gameplay.

Aggravating and samey. I was playing with a friend last week who is new to the game and he made the observation/complaint about everything feeling the same in terms of a mad dash towards the player. That’s partly what prompted me to ask about any anti-player biases the AI might have, because I was trying starts that didn’t seem too bad (from watching the AI handle them at a distance) but when I played them it felt like a different story.

I still have tons of factions I haven’t played so we may have just hit a rough stretch. Sounds like I picked a doozy with Imrik/Caledor, for example. :) Cathay seemed pretty tame compared to Hexoatl and Imrik, so I know there’s at least some variation in there.

My favorite, Grimgor Ironhide seemed to have a pretty easy go of it.

I haven’t tried Orks yet in TW:WH3, might have to give that a go. I know it was weird conquering the badlands in my last Ghorst game and not running into Grimgor. I keep forgetting his start position got moved.

I prefer skewering orks to playing them but I might have to give him a go sometime.

Finally booted this up. Where’s Beastmen in IE?

You should see the beastmen in the faction selection screen. Not happening for you?

I’ll have to check again when I’m back on computer, but no I couldn’t find them.

Just to double check, you are running on a platform that you have paid for the Beastmen DLC on? For example, if you purchased Beastmen DLC on Steam but are running TW WH3 on Game Pass, you won’t be able to play Beastmen.

They will be the first faction listed and if you have them enabled, they’re already selected by default. That’s how it is every time I boot up the game, anyway.

Do you own all three Warhammer games and the Beastmen DLC and are they all from the same store?

Someone asked about gunpowder upthread but I can’t find it. This is a succinct gunpowder formation video from a new youtuber.

Explains checkerboard, diamond, and chevrons

That was me. Thanks @wisefool. That was helpful.