Total War: Warhammer 3

If Dominions had playable real time battles with the production values of Total War I’d probably have thousands of hours in it. It’s the dream.

Edit: And a bunch of quality of life improvements, obviously.

[I know just the person to make it happen, someone with a proven track record of getting things done, and managing time and money very well.]

What is that link?

Link is broken af, lol.

I thought it was intentionally blank by way of saying no one.

I thought it was the contact information for Chris Roberts.

I thought that at first as well, but he put so many details into the person he had in mind I assumed it had to be a real person.

The description was detailed enough that Chris Roberts is the only possible fit, as Intuitionist properly intuited.


I liked it better broken.

Much funnier! :)



In theory not holding out will save you money. Presumably whatever the pre-order Race Pack is, they’ll sell later, so pre-ordering will save you roughly $10 if you were going to get it anyway (unless you’re holding out till the main game goes on sale, which will probably be a year or more, in which case, sure you’ll probably save a few bucks, assuming a 25% sale the first time it happens).

I played Troy a bit … not terrible.

So as a Total War hat since Rome 1 I played a ton of medieval 2 mods --two of which were 3rd age and (before the trademarks) Call of Warhammer.

I think total war is well suited for warhammer (obviously from my postings) but I understand your thinking.

A small tip: If you havent (and i guess you have) play a Vortex campaign in War2… it’s very tight and it was what turned me on Warhammer. (The first game was a dud to me too)

A screenshot has escaped into the wild (well supposedly, one can never tell, but it seems plausible):

Theory is that it’s either a quest battle or horde mode that allows constructing things, which might be a hint of something that might happen in seiges ala older titles (iirc Rome 2 and Atilla allowed building defenses before a battle).

I want to believe.


I mean, it makes sense.

I am having flashbacks of cheesing Rome (1 and/or 2?) battles by building barricades and funnelling the enemy into the gates.

Total War: Attila was great for that kind of stuff. Settlement siege defenses had all sorts of barricades and defensive emplacements you could construct and place to block off approach avenues and funnel enemy forces into a desired path or chokepoint.

Attila is still my favorite Total War game - if only the damn turn times didn’t take 10 minutes each round.

My guess is quest mode - I am looking at that “objective” in the upper left, feels like a quest objective in a named battle of some type, BUT one that is also showing off that you can build during combat, perhaps?

Mostly I like the solid look to the game from this shot - the battle field looks incredible, and it seems like a minor but noteworthy upgrade in visuals and UI (which this is probably an early build in any case).

Looks like we shall find out all about it soon enough. Mark thy calendars for May 13th!

Here, here! Shame it never received the same kind of devotion from the player base as Rome II did because I would kill for CA to revisit Attila with one or more patches for better performance optimisation, some bug fixes and such. There is so much to appreciate about Attila, and I also enjoy the Charlemagne DLC, but geez if the performance and turn times aren’t a chore. It also has some great mods but, aarrrrgh, the performance.