Total War: Warhammer 3


It’s come up on my radar before but I never paid it much attention. I’ll have another look.

The combat isn’t actually anything like the depth of Total War in Hegemony but they are very worth playing! Definitely more emphasis on keeping up a supply network and not overextending yourself.

Things are looking great.

Warning: A lot of yelling and swearing happens at various points very suddenly.

This is what $24.99 gets you these days, eh?

Who knows, maybe he’ll be fixed in the following DLC!

I had seen a lot of complaints (no idea if true) that CA had diverted many resources away from TW3 to work on Hyenas. If that was the case, seems like an oopsie

That’s sucks, CA always makes pretty neat off brand games.

Sounds like TWH3 didn’t perform up to expectations and they’re going to start making cuts.

Honestly they’ve just got to spend some money and make a new tactical battle engine. It’s the same game for almost 15 years! I actually think a pixel-army based approach would be pretty awesome (ie, there are actually 20,000-100,000 units on screen per battle, but these are mostly pixel sized units). But just something different.


Not surprising. Hyena’s just flat out didn’t look good and had zero pull on me to join it’s multiple beta tests. Waste of time, money and effort. Too bad for the devs who lost their jobs and hopefully they land on their feet soon.

Sega GREED better change and lay off my TW3 teams.

Like a lot of these fad-chasers, by the time the game can be developed they often feel like they’re years too late. MMOs, MOBAs, BRs, etc. Execs look at the New Big Thing, dollar signs start dancing in their eyes, and they tell their studio to make one of those. Too bad games take years and years to make and by the time it’s ready no one cares for yet another entry in a saturated genre.

Yes, I agree, well said.

Nah, that’s the opposite of what happened. TWW3 was funding other products. Hyenas was basically funded by Warhammer. Then the suits saw that Hyenas was losing money and decided to milk the Warhammer customers more because business and infinite growth. Then the backlash happened.

Now as far as a new engine, that’s definitely a thing they should be working on, but also engines don’t bring in money and CA seems to have been taken over by the suits, so I don’t see it happening.

IndyPride had a video, which is mostly saying that everything is terrible and everyone saw this coming. Even CA, which is why they started milking the Warhammer DLCs. I think he’s probably right.

So the executives that made all these bad decisions will lose their jobs right? Right?!



Regarding resourcing of Warhammer 3, I would have thought that if people were pulled away it would be for the development of TW: Pharaoh? Makes more sense than to move them to something entirely different.

Hopefully. But a shooter like they were making likely had them seeing a chance for a big increase in revenue compared to TW if it was one of the successful ones.

That’s always the trick, though. Gotta be one of the few smash hits and I don’t see it with multiple established players. These studios need to be either focusing on their core competencies or figuring out the next fad, not chasing the last ones. Game development just takes too long.

Getting some TW3 in before Pharaoh drops this week. Playing Yuan Bo and by T20 I’m at war with Mazdamundi. He’s lvl 18 already on a VH campaign. I’m lvl 9. He has a doomstack of silver Saurus warriors, some RoR etc. I have 1 and a half stacks of peasant troops and a few jade troops. Auto resolve gives me close defeat. Maybe doable.

First try at the battle, Mazda just rolls me up with AOE spells and waves of unstoppable warriors.

Second try, I do a bit of cheesing sending my Longma around to confuse them while I get my army into a choke point on high ground. Mazda charges up and I focus fire everything on him. He is still self healing but goes down. Yuan Bo has 1 hit point left so is out of the fight.

Then it’s just a real touch and go if my archers can inflict enough damage on the Saurus before they tear through my peasants. They almost do, but they’re out of ammo and the melee fighters have all broken, so now it’s just archers in melee with the last lizardmen and… the lizards break first.

After all that, I only lose a few units. Mazda completely wiped out. For all its flaws, there is nothing like good old Total War when it comes together like that.

Nice, that’s awesome.

This is so true! I just wish there were more of it.

TW:WH is my comfort game; TW:WH2 is my most-played game on Steam and despite its issues WH3 is climbing up there.

I decided to start up a Lokhir Felheart campaign and it’s… quite fun? I’m not so much taking territory as I am sailing around with Black Arcs sacking towns for cash. It’s turn 14 and I don’t think I’ve ever had a start this strong. I’ve got the Blessed Dread sailing the waterways of Cathay looting and burning, Lokhir himself is making his way south along the coast looting and burning, and I’ve got a couple of black arcs floating around else where that are–you guessed it–looting and burning.

Have they done anything to address the lack of patches and the lingering bugs?

I was excited to get this once I had updated to a 40-series card but then I saw all of the outrage and that turned me off getting it.

If you’re really into TW:WH then I’d say just get it. Insofar as there are “lingering bugs” they’re more annoying than game breaking. The game is in a much better state than it was at launch, or even at the launch of Immortal Empires.