Total War: Warhammer 3

Finally, Three Kingdoms 2.

hahaha, probably what CA is thinking too

I think my computer will be burned up in those flames.

After my 1080 died, I think I’m there with you.

But also:

Same voice over lady.

To my tired eyes those look like paintings. Amazing.

I do hope we get ‘official’ screenshots soon. Something about these seems almost too good to be actual in-game screens. Maybe they are 4k screens sized down to 1080p and that is skewing it? Filtered through Freestyle or something?

Even if all that is true though, the colors are great.

That would make them look better, but only in that the lines would be softer/anti-aliased. As you noted, it wouldn’t change the incredible coloring, nor the art style that is really just gorgeous here. But most importantly - the detail on the models/units is what’s really striking. They always looked good in past games, but this feels next level. And the fact these models look this good in a cut-scene strongly indicates the models look this good somewhere in a file that can be used (by high end machines) in-game - this isn’t a console game that has to “scale back” to make it hit a target frame rate, don’t forget, it’s entirely possible this is what Ultra detailed textures/models look like.

I like Warhammer fine, but every time I play these games I find myself missing the kinetics of Rome. Rome is older, dumber and uglier, but whenever you’d charge some cavalry into some infantry and watch them fly, you felt the impact.

You look at the store page for your Warhammer now and it’s stuff like this:

But then you play the game and you spend most of your time zoomed out so everything just looks like grains of sand.

I don’t understand why they do that. They’re making it prettier, but they’re also making it huge, so you can’t look at anything unless you stop and zoom.

I wish it was more like Rome, when you could fight and marvel at the same time. If anyone makes a mod with smaller armies so I can actually see and feel the violence, I’m so there.

That’s my problem with this as well and truly sucks a lot of the fun out of it.

I have only really played Warhammer II, so I assumed all Total War games were played zoomed out. I had no idea this was a thing, and now I’m intrigued. Would Troy/Shogun/Rome2 fall into this category, or all they all zoomed-out as well?

You can zoom into artillery to control it first person, I believe it started in shogun 2

You assumed right. You can zoom in or use a cinematic view in any of the TW games, but then you aren’t really playing the game, giving orders, being aware of what’s around your armies, etc.

I play in slow-motion for the most part — although arguably that’s because I suck at RTS and less to give me a chance to watch cool stuff happen. Then if it’s a battle I particularly liked, I will save it as a replay and then rewatch the cool parts zoomed in to my heart’s content.

Well, I for one like to pause the action frequently to get an idea of what I should be doing - I don’t play this like Command and Conquer, I’m constantly slowing down the action to make sure I’m not hurrying and missing something. And in doing so I often like to zoom in and camera around to enjoy the pure spectacle of the action.

Also, when playing with @ShivaX in co-op when he’s running a battle I really enjoy turning off the UI and just zipping around the battlefield like an observer.

It’s not that the old ones weren’t zoomed out, but the armies and the maps were smaller, and each model was relatively larger, so you got a much better idea of what was happening to each unit.

It had more of a diorama feel to it.

Shogun still has some of that action, and in the gunpowder games it’s mostly line infantry, so combat takes a while to resolve, which means you usually have time to enjoy the scene.

I think my favourite Total War experience is split between Rome, which hasn’t aged that well, and Empire with DarthMod, which is still stellar in my opinion.

That’s a pretty good idea. I use slow motion a lot to get my maneuvers “just so”, or respond to an ambush. That’s not a dumb thing to do!

It’s probably a better way to play. I just usually end up feeling like I’m doing the the civil war thing on a whiteboard, moving the red bars and the blue bars.

And I think it frustrates me more because in the Warhammer games the units are cooler than they’ve ever been, so I’d really like to see them up close.

I guess I’m the kind of player where if the dev doesn’t make me a camera that has a certain perspective, I usually won’t spend a lot of time messing with it. Maybe I should give it a go.

Well… good I guess. One, because I’m not missing anything and two, I can hold off on binging on a bunch of other Total War titles for a while.

Hah! Hear hear.

It might also depend on your difficulty level - I punch a little down, playing on Normal, but it gives me the latitude to not have to play optimally so when I want to zoom in and watch the charging Empire Knights or whatever blast throw a line of goblins I can - and do!

I always played with the biggest unit sizes possible in Rome and those old total wars. Masses of tiny soldiers never bothered me in fact I prefer it. Another advantage of big units is that the fights take longer so you actually have time to zoom in and look around if you want. Also half speed is very useful.

The speed of the action in warhammer total war is such that you’re better off spending most of your time at half speed.

I don’t think I saw this linked, of potential interest.