Total War: Warhammer 3

Ooh, they must have just put up those Sys Reqs. I checked last week and it was blank. Looks like based on those requirements I’ll be able to play but II takes forever to initially load up so I’m assuming III will be worse. Still, glad I won’t have to upgrade since I can’t (short of getting a whole new system)

Do you have it on a fast SSD?

Nope, I’ve thought about updating mine, but figure I’ll just eventually upgrade the whole system that will include a properly sized SSD (currently only Windows is on an SSD in my box). But if I don’t have to do it in the next month or so I’d prefer to wait.

So I could definitely play this on my PC pre-upgrade, but considering TW is one of the series I really want to be able to crank the graphics on, I’ll try to stick to my guns and wait.

Honestly? Do it now. Then you’ll have an additional SSD to put in your new system. Trust me, you’ll need the space. The difference this will make in the game will be tremendous for the price paid. Plus having split SSD’s (dedicated game drive that’s not your OS SSD) is nice so you’re not trying to access the game and cache at the same time off the same device.

Though when I say OS SSD, I’m assuming your new computer will have an NVMe for it’s primary drive.

Am I reading that correctly in that TW3 will have campaign multiplayer for more than 2 players?

About time too - not that such a campaign will ever end though.

That was my thought too haha. How do you even cover half of one of those games?

Simultaneous turns will help a ton.

If you don’t have a turn order for battle it becomes like Civ 4 multiplayer - the first to click their battle start has it activate first.

This was very useful in Civ because a good unit type was a stack of catapults specialized to do AOE damage.

I’ve played coop shogun before, it was a lot of fun. It still takes many, many hours to play the game. In a multiplayer, competitive game? As soon as they start losing they will quit.

Would be really cool if simultaneous turns also allows for separate async PvAI fights too (probably wont)

The 10 (well, 11 as there is a bonus at the end) things in this video I thought were excellent changes coming in Warhammer 3 and I only knew about a few of them, so there is something in here for everyone.

Nice, you can export your hero to skirmish and MP - something you could do in Battlecry II only 20 years ago!

Not in Battlecry1?

Just noticed you can buy this for 47 bucks on fanatical instead of 60 on steam if anyone wants to save 13 bucks.

Or snag Game Pass for a month ($1 if you’re a new sub) and can play it there! Just in case anyone wasn’t aware it’s a day one game pass release.

But if I play it on gamepass I can’t use the TW1+2 races :(

Fanatical is getting slammed! Okay, it went through, took a few minutes.

That’s good to know, thanks for the info!

I’m still not prepared to sign up for a lifetime gamepass subscription and I hate the idea of buying DLC for a game I don’t own. I think I’m just old :)

Edit: and I’m certain at some point once the new Bethesda and Blizzard stuff starts coming out on gamepass I will finally fold, just for clarity.