Total War: Warhammer 3

Arcane conduit, life leeching, and a few other abilities out there will increase it. It used to scale based on your reserves in WH2, but it doesn’t in WH3.

Total tangent, but is the text that blurry in-game? I seem to remember never being quite happy with how sharp the text was in WH2, and this seems to be more of the same.

Thanks @Dan_Theman.

That screen shot looks far blurrier than my eye perceives the text in-game & I’d noticed the same. Maybe it didn’t transfer well.

are you playing karios? there’s a button to manipulate winds of magic. there’s a circle with up to 6 green slots of wind power increase, optimum play is to get them all to 5 of 6. Look around the lower right hand for the star

Thank you, I think that might have been the issue - very low Winds in the provinces I was invading.

I won a game. I rule!

Based on lots of save-scumming, I’d have to say the best way to play is to start quick with some early conquests (and do something every turn) but then slow down once you’ve given yourself some room.

That said, I didn’t realize the default victory was only 150 turns - I feel like I have a lot of room to continue & I’ve only explored a small part of the map (my empire is at the very bottom, the rest was my ally). Further, I was never affected by whatever crisis popped up.

One cheese exploit is to sack the same city over and over to give yourself room, as you said.

There’s a dangerous spot where your initial army is now full and pretty strong, but you can’t afford a second good army (2000+ maintenance). You can easily kill the next neighboring power, but then others will declare war, sack your things, costing lots of money (infrastructure is expensive)

Hm, kinda depends on faction but yeah that’s roughly the rhythm. Rapid expansion → Consolidation → resume rapid expansion (aka snowball).

Typically you want to seize your starting province asap. Expansion from there is faction dependent: who are your neighbors? Who is your biggest threat? Probably you want to identify your biggest threat and take them out ASAP before they have a chance to get more powerful. For some starts that is sufficient and now the game is on easy mode autopilot for the duration. For other starts it’s quite a lot tougher.

Like: take Grimgor. The only real threat to you comes from Kholek; once you take Kholek out–which you can do very early if you’re aggressive–the game is on lol auto pilot. Ogres are pretty weak and because you have access to the underway you can out-maneuver their armies anyway. Chorfs are tough, granted, but you can drown them in goblins. And because you confederate any Greenskin faction when you defeat their leader in combat it’s pretty easy to snowball ridiculously quickly.

A year and change ago I was obsessed with the Imrik campaign which has a very tough start (and this was before Chorfs, even). Imrik has three hostile LLs surrounding him that will DoW very quickly: Tretch, Kemmler, and Festus. Plus it’s not at all uncommon for anti-player bias to send Queek your way as well because fuckit why not. Of course Imrik’s economy is such that he simply can’t field two full stacks that early in the game.

I must have played this start a half dozen times. I’d try to make some gains in the East against Kemmler/Festus with Imrik and then double back to fight off the inevitable Skaven invasion, but by that point Kemmler would have another two or three stacks ready to go (he recruits FAST) and it just wasn’t tenable. What I ended up doing was basically ceding my capital to the Skaven; I just had a small crapstack fight a rearguard action while Imrik beelined through Festus & Kemmler. I ended up down to like one settlement from my starting province by the time Festus & Kemmler were taken care of, but with my eastern flank now secured I could then bring the full might of a (now rather high level) Imrik down on the Skaven. It was very satisfying; this might have been my favorite WH3 campaign of all time.

I had a failed Imrik campaign that really made me want to go back and try again. Haven’t gotten around to it, yet.

That was the campaign I tried right before Thrones of Decay came out. Jumping from that to Elspeth felt like switching to beginner mode.

Yeah like People talk about Imrik WH2 being tough and it was; without access to a port Imrik’s economy really suffered because he couldn’t do HE trading. But from a military POV because you were stuck in a relative corner (once you dealt with Sniktch and then Malus, that is) you only had to worry about dealing with one front. Granted it was a nasty front with both Grimgor and Queek coming your way from the west, but it was at least just a single front, vs. being completely surrounded by hostiles in WH3.

Skaven are priority targets. Otherwise you end up with a 40 region power that will cap your capital or something. Having to pay to get rid of underground buildings is very annoying too.

Ikit Claw’s troops are waiting for you to return

If you start an Immortal Empires game, what duration do you pick for the ‘turn timer’? Before I won, I think I had a crisis hit but didn’t see it/was affected by it. I was wondering if changing this could throw things off - I remember changing endgame settings in Stellaris and it really messed up things later in the game.


I have left it at default and I don’t think I’ve ever hit the endgame crisis in the new patches.

Even when I reach long campaign objectives I have not seen them. Maybe I’ve never hit turn 100.

Thanks. I have a friend who recently got the game and he said “things were going fine in my main game… until a crisis just happened”. I want one!

You mean Warhammer 3 right? In WH 2 and earlier WH3 iterations I played a lot of endgames.

They kinda look interesting, but I am not a huge fan of “close ally turns to enemy” thing. It’s like Shogun 2 realm divide. Shocking the first few times you encounter it, afterwards you game against it.

They definitely happen; there’s some underlying curve that determines the probability on each turn. You also get a ten turn warning that it’s coming, and what faction it will be.

They’re… fine, I guess? Honestly I don’t find them at all interesting. They’re basically there because WH3 is incredibly easy; owing to changes to the confederation system AI empires typically don’t get so big so that by the mid-game the player is by far and away the most dominant faction in the game world. I have noticed that lately the AI seems to be forming bigger empires, so maybe they’ve tweaked a few things?

This is in contrast to WH2, when you’d typically see some super-powered AI factions arise (the so-called Ordertide, for instance). It wasn’t uncommong to see Franz or Malekith with the better part of a continent under their control.