Total War: Warhammer 3

One of the changes I’m most looking forward to is the REMOVE ALL TREES from battles option.

Some proper (and amazing) gameplay!

I’m sure my resolve won’t hold, but I’m planning to hold off on buying Total Warhammer 3 until I can upgrade my CPU and GPU. I figure by the time I can do that I’ll be able to get a great deal on all the DLC too.

Auto translation: However, in the preview version, our editors did not play as Cathay at all. All the attention was drawn to the final faction of Warhammer III, which is led by the Demon Prince .

Before Ursun was captured by Be’lakor, a Kislevite noble attempted to kill the bear. After his death , the Godslayer turned into the form of the Demon Prince, who yearns to complete the unfinished business.

The Demon Prince is a great opportunity to have fun for those players who could not immediately choose an idol among the four Dark Gods. Basically, Godslayer is a template for RPG lovers.

How it works? Creative Assembly offers full customization of the character’s appearance - from the head and weapons to the tail and wings. The Demon Prince can be wielded with a hammer - or devoid of weapons altogether by equipping him with a giant claw. The Godslayer’s arsenal is constantly expanding with the gifts of Chaos, and various parts of the body can be combined into sets, making the faction leader even more powerful.

The player can serve exclusively Chaos Undivided - or choose one of the four Dark Lords: Tzeentch, Khorne, Nurgle or Slaanesh . To do this, it is necessary to dedicate cities to a specific God of Chaos and bring bloody sacrifices in his honor. In exchange for this, the player will receive specific “spare parts” faster, unlock specific units and buildings.


I mean this is dope and weird, but it feels like Bela’kor would’ve been easier.

Guess we’ll find out when they officially reveal whatever this is.


So this comes out in a month now?

Yeah, and on gamepass as well, of all things.

This is good because I’ll be able to install and attempt to play it only to find my system can’t handle it unless I upgrade my graphics card with $2000, a prayer, and a shit ton of luck/patience. But at least I won’t have to drop $60 on it via Steam to find out.

I did not expect Build A Demon, and I’m very excited forit.

Right? Same.

Also I see TechRaptor got to play 50 turns of the game and wrote about it here.

king of cheese is streaming wh3 now

I didn’t expect I’d have to upgrade my meager video card, that would annoy me.

TW: Warhammer II

TW: Warhammer III

On a related note - double the disk space required (Warhammer III looks to take Red Dead Redemption 2 levels of storage space).

I’m way more excited about the create your own lord thing than a Belakor campaign. Looks very cool.

Ooh, they must have just put up those Sys Reqs. I checked last week and it was blank. Looks like based on those requirements I’ll be able to play but II takes forever to initially load up so I’m assuming III will be worse. Still, glad I won’t have to upgrade since I can’t (short of getting a whole new system)

Do you have it on a fast SSD?

Nope, I’ve thought about updating mine, but figure I’ll just eventually upgrade the whole system that will include a properly sized SSD (currently only Windows is on an SSD in my box). But if I don’t have to do it in the next month or so I’d prefer to wait.

So I could definitely play this on my PC pre-upgrade, but considering TW is one of the series I really want to be able to crank the graphics on, I’ll try to stick to my guns and wait.

Honestly? Do it now. Then you’ll have an additional SSD to put in your new system. Trust me, you’ll need the space. The difference this will make in the game will be tremendous for the price paid. Plus having split SSD’s (dedicated game drive that’s not your OS SSD) is nice so you’re not trying to access the game and cache at the same time off the same device.

Though when I say OS SSD, I’m assuming your new computer will have an NVMe for it’s primary drive.

Am I reading that correctly in that TW3 will have campaign multiplayer for more than 2 players?