Total War: Warhammer 3

I think the only way to get my 60 fps back* is going to be a computer upgrade lol

*To be clear, I never had 60 fps in TW3, only TW2.

Great post, thanks!

‘just’ 30 seconds, that’s sad. I was hoping they had magic up their sleeves with turn times that they were waiting to reveal. I know, I know, it could be alot worse.

It really is an incredible achievement. So much variety of content on one freakin map.

I really liked the snow around Karaz-a-Karak and the Silver Road in the original artwork. I think it made the area more interesting and gave it a better sense of being very high up where the snow rarely melted.

The new version looks brown and dull to my eye.

The video I just posted has a demonstration where the guy actually used a stopwatch - 16 seconds. So it could be the Twitch video I watched I got some math wrong (I was just going by about when the turn ended to when it started again) and/or the streamer I was watching didn’t have a great PC. In any case, I thought I should update you.

Now we’re talking!

What faction are you guys going to go for first?

I am going to hit the War 3 factions again that I enjoyed playing despite the campaign map problems: especially ogres!

This series of videos is what we all really want from Total Warhammer - WHO WOULD WIN?!?

Whoever looks scariest. Oh who am I kidding, probably some elves again LOL.

Ogres are fantastic. Don’t let the fact they are limited to just Tier 3 buildings dissuade you as they have some of the best all purpose buildings. They only get walls in the main settlement IF it is outside Ogre or Norscan homeland, but that’s okay because the big bois can’t really make it up all those stairs anyways.

Also, when defending a settlement, use their T2 towers (Cannon Towers). They are the best bang for the buck.

Their Tier 4 towers at a whopping 2000 supply only net you 1 extra cannon ball fired and more armor piercing damage. So nice against mammoths and dragons but overkill on anything else (even Chaos warriors get demolished by the Tier 2 tower). I’d rather have another two Cannon Towers, unless I find myself bottled up with only one tower available.

I wonder how multi threaded is the AI. Does the time varies significantly with the number of cores you have?

Wanna see an end game threat on turn 24?

I was doing some looking around on various forums where folks were talking about this and everything I’ve seen is the game isn’t multi-threaded (for whatever reason). However, this is what my CPU is doing in Task Manager when I have War3 loaded…

Which to me looks like most cores are working on something and Warhammer 3 is the only thing I have open other than Edge, and these forum posts are from 2018-2020 so they are somewhat old. It’s possible having both a faster CPU and/or more cores helps the load time, you just have to assume, right?

Not really. They’re sharing the load. Warhammer 3 is still built on the ancient Warhammer 1 engine which was built on the Rome engine. Music is on its own thread and maybe they split one or two more things off. But I do believe it’s only running 2 dedicated threads. CPU wise a quad core at 5.0 GHz will be faster than a 16 core at 4 GHz. Pure clock speed is what will get better performance (alone with later generations of cpus since they’ve been optimized clock for clock).

Odd there doesn’t seem to be a Chaos end game invasion scenario:

Wouldn’t that be weird as there are already so many Chaos factions actually represented on the map?

That was my thought, but there are several vampire factions and there is a Vampire endgame, so I’m not sure what to think. Maybe they are still working on the Chaos endgame so it will be something we see later as the beta progresses?

If you look at all the other end game scenarios they involve factions on the map. There’s a Tomb King’s rise end game, an Ork end game, a Wood Elf end game, there’s even a Dwarves rising end game. From the videos it looks like in each case all factions of that type explode with massive reinforcements. Not sure what happens if the player(s) are the same faction as the boosted faction, if they expect us to uncheck the boxes for the end game type if we’re one of those factions, or if the game is smart enough to do this automatically.

Isn’t it because technically the games are in reverse chronological order - the Chaos Invasion happened at the end of War1.

I’ll have to wait for the mod that tones down the blood a bit, like Warhammer 2. Not squeamish, just don’t care for blood fountains, especially when it tanks the framerate, which I’m sure this will.