Total War: Warhammer 3

That was me. Thanks @wisefool. That was helpful.


I must have been really tired last night. I looked all over and not sure how I did not see they’re right there. Crazy. Thanks Kevin as always :)

A useful tool:

I downloaded this mod and have had a positive first impression. They haven’t turned off the player biases but they’ve toned it down and made a few other changes, just to the diplo side of things. I still feel pressured, but I no longer get 4+ wardecs in a single turn when I enter a new area.

There’s apparently another mod you can combine with it so you can tweak settings further but I haven’t tried that.

I really want to get into the nuts and bolts of Total War mechanics. I’m talking about stuff like how things like mass, number of units within a regiment and that sort of thing work. Foundational stuff, so that I can build up from there.

Anyone know of a resource like that? Either a wiki or video series or anything like that. Thanks!

There’s actually a lot of hidden stats like accuracy - units for example are less accurate the farther away they are. I watch a few streamers and they occasionally dole out this info but streaming is very time consuming. I am not aware of any well-edited video primers.

I believe there’s a mod to expose hidden stats too

I prefer text anyway, so that’s prefect! Thank you!

I’m trying to find info of why the upkeep on the Knight is so high. The unit browser says it should be 175 gold or something gold it’s 525 for me with a red arrow. I’m trying to find what trait/effect/mechanic is making it cost so much more (I’m a total noob at Bretonnia).


Brettonian Lords have a “Vows” mechanic. You should be able to see a “Vows” tab in the Detailed Lord Window.

If they haven’t earned specific Vows, different classes of knights have extremely high maintenance costs. Louen Leoncoeur, Legendary Lord for Couronne comes with all the Vows unlocked. AFAIK everyone else has to earn them.

Great, thank you!

Can anyone explain how the unit counts within a regiment work? If I have a regiment of 60 archers that have 20 missile damage, is that each individual archer shooting an arrow that causes 20 damage? Or is it a rough estimate of how much damage the entire regiment of 60 archers inflicts over x seconds? If the regiment is reduced from 60 to 30 archers, does the regiment now effectively do half damage?

I’m not sure of the specifics, but 30 archers would be doing roughly half the damage of 60.

Its definitely per unit. Where it gets tricky is trying to figure out how effective large (bigger than a human) units damage work since they do splash damage and that depends on their attack animations and hidden variables like the maximum amount of models they can actually hit.

But, if you have 60 archers doing 20 missile damage and they can do all their damage (all arrows hit and do maximum damage) you should see 1,200 health come off the enemy you attacked. You wont see it for a number or reasons (misses, armor, etc.) but its why units with a lot of models (like 120) can become pretty devastating, especially as missile troops.

Thanks, very helpful! I was having a hard time sourcing that kind of info online, but as always Qt3 comes through for me. :)

So, just wondering out loud here since I don’t have the game in front of me at the moment, but what are the implications for the “Red” skill line that Lords get? I seem to remember damage being % usually, but are there any skills in that line that are extra effective at regiments with high unit counts, or is it pretty evenly effective across low and high count (or even SEM) units, in general?

I haven’t read or seen anything to suggest that the bonuses for either high or low model count is uneven. As far as I can tell, +15% damage to a Cathay’s big Terracotta Sentinel is going to help it as much as +15% damage to its Celestial Dragon Guard (the halberd guys with 100 men). You can actually see the difference on the unit card though with the Terracotta Sentinel whereas with the Dragon Guard you will have to do some math, since it will only be like a 1 or 2 point increase.

Which is why I think that the actual damage that high model count regiments can do is sometimes misunderstood because they typically have lower individual values but actually have higher total values.

Lets compare Gutter Runner Slingers (Poison) with Celestial Dragon Crossbowmen. These are unmodified unit cards.

The Gutter Runners (as you can see) do 18 dmg while the Crossbowmen do 26. If the Gutter Runners got all of their shots to hit for all their damage (an unarmored Giant, for example) they would do more damage: Gutter Runners at 2,160 vs Crossbowmen at 2,080.

Of course the Crossbowmen have armor piercing so they are more likely to do their full damage. This is what makes Clan Eshin’s bonuses so powerful because they give armor piercing to all Night and Gutter Runner units. With that, the damage between the two becomes much more even.

For melee units, there’s also the complication that depending on how the fight is shaped (literally), not all of them may be engaged. To use some round numbers: if you have a unit of 10 figures doing 100 damage each, they might all be able to engage the enemy and you’d get 1000 damage. Whereas 100 figures doing 10 damage each might have some dudes in the back rows (or out past the flanks) not doing damage.

This is less of an issue with missile units as they all get to shoot through other figures in their own unit, but it is still true that a large unit might not fit all somewhere and have some of the figures with their shots blocked around a corner or something.

Furthermore, if you’re fighting some really weak chaff with <100 hitpoints each, then the 10 dudes doing 100 damage per hit (it’s not actually “per hit”, I think, but I’m not sure what the exact details are, but it’s got to do with the attack animation speed and some other hidden values) will “waste” some of their damage in overkill. Unless, of course, they do “splash” damage, which is sometimes hinted at on stat cards but not always.

I’ve found that it does help to watch the actual battle play out so you get a sense for who is getting all their attacks in, who is doing splash damage, who is getting knocked down and not getting their attacks off at all, etc.

All very helpful. Thanks for the all the info!

Hotfix 2.1.2 released earlier today:

"Today, we are releasing a small hotfix with a critical change for high-end Intel processors:

  • Addressed an issue which impacted the game performance when running on Intel’s “Raptor Lake” CPU.
    We’re aware of an ‘end turn crash’ issue impacting some players. Until a permanent fix arrives in Update 2.2, we’ve opened two Steam Beta branches which will allow you to roll back and play on an earlier build:* rollback:
    Update 2.0 (crash not present)
  • patch_2_1_1:
    Update 2.1.1 (crash may be present)
    We apologize for the inconvenience this causes and will have it fixed up as soon as possible!"

But this is more exciting: upcoming 2.2 will include tweaking of number of settlement battles, and improved AI!

Update 2.2 is currently targeting October 18 as its release date! This major update includes a wide variety of changes and fixes to several outstanding issues impacting players—in addition to new features based on ongoing player feedback—as you all dive into

Total War: WARHAMMER III and Immortal Empires:

  • End Turn Crash Fix: Coming soon.
  • Settlement Battles: Numerous adjustments are being made to the number of Settlement Battles encountered throughout a campaign. More details in the full notes next month!
  • AI Improvements: Several adjustments are being made to the AI based on player feedback: they’ll be generally more aggressive, will scale better with their difficulty setting, should employ smarter tactics in Battle, and will (overall) be better allies and vassals, as well.
  • Split Ranked Queue: Choose between Land and Domination Battles!
  • New Endgame Crisis: Yes-yes…
  • Regiments of Renown III: Our third Regiments of Renown pack is on the way!"