Total War: Warhammer 3

Did you like city battles in Rome 2?

Never played that one :)

I guess my perspective is that TW3 is flawed but that seeing everything as down to money grubbing suits rather than software development being hard is probably OTT.

The pricing of the latest DLC is pretty vomitworthy though.

Those two things seem to synergize very well in my experience. Difficulties in software development make suits make dumb decisions to try to avoid that reality which just furthers technical debt and makes software development more difficult resulting in even stupider high-level decisions to try to compensate. Because surely those developers are being deceitful and/or lazy and we businesspeople know it can’t really be that hard.

Only just started to watch this video, but the changes to battle difficulty do look interesting!

I think mostly the fan base is feeling price gouged because CA’s other games have been financial disappointments or downright flops and the Warhammer fans feel like they are paying a premium for stuff like this and the shooter CA is developing, stuff they didn’t want or ask for.

Meanwhile Warhammer 3 itself only gets patched once per DLC despite dozens of issues and wild imbalances in MP, so the fans feel pretty taken for granted.

And the fans are probably correct in this instance.

CA is a company that’s made the same game since Rome 1, skinned a million different ways. But Alien Isolation was the best Alien game ever made (by a long mile), I mean it’s so good i sometimes in memory get it mixed up with the original film, and some of the moments in that game are some of the ‘scariest’ i’ve ever seen in a game, so CA needs to do something different sometimes, and when they do they actually tend to be really good games.

Honestly what i’m desperate for is an entirely new engine for whatever strategy game they make next.

I recall, vaguely, some talk before Rome 1 of making a Total War game that would be always real time.

So you’d watch your legions marching and then when the fight started you’d zoom in to control it.

This is memory of a 20+ year article I read so no doubt I’ve messed it up, but that game sounds good to me.

Think Paradox grand strategy but actually controllable combat.

They made that game - Hegemony!

Some kind of hybrid between the Paradox grand strategy games and Total War could be amazing. I think it must be quite difficult to figure out how to do on a technical or budgeting level though, because I assure you we aren’t the only people who realize the potential for a game there.

I’ve really come to prefer real time with pause over turn based and I hope it’s a switch Total War will embrace one day. It’s fundamentally a turn based system as there is a minimum base metric of time that you could consider a “turn”, probably a day in EU4, or an hour in HOI4, but the disguise makes it more enjoyable to me.

Actually, I remember that too!

I have a game in my head that would be a fantasy real time game, but slow.

It would be a mix of Dominions (specifically create your own Pretender/Avatar etc) and Rise of Legends (city management, factions, the mechanic where your caravans would slowly neutralise the creeps and absorb them, being able to target enemy caravans, the mini achievements in game) and Age of Wonders (high fantasy, maybe an element of evolving your faction during the game) and Kohan (the regimental system and combat, but with some combat elements from RoL, like the spiders that can trample).

A slower paced RTS, and with that combat system the twitch aspect (i.e. reactions, not streaming) and micro would be reduced.

Throw in a system to “train” regiments, where by more trained/experienced regiments get a larger pool of orders to choose from (think Dominions, where you can script orders) or more complicated orders, and now the combat shifts away from leet micro and towards bringing the right tools and plan for the job.

Or just bringing Dragons :)

So either we are correct, or both mad, or maybe both?


It’s come up on my radar before but I never paid it much attention. I’ll have another look.

The combat isn’t actually anything like the depth of Total War in Hegemony but they are very worth playing! Definitely more emphasis on keeping up a supply network and not overextending yourself.

Things are looking great.

Warning: A lot of yelling and swearing happens at various points very suddenly.

This is what $24.99 gets you these days, eh?

Who knows, maybe he’ll be fixed in the following DLC!

I had seen a lot of complaints (no idea if true) that CA had diverted many resources away from TW3 to work on Hyenas. If that was the case, seems like an oopsie

That’s sucks, CA always makes pretty neat off brand games.

Sounds like TWH3 didn’t perform up to expectations and they’re going to start making cuts.

Honestly they’ve just got to spend some money and make a new tactical battle engine. It’s the same game for almost 15 years! I actually think a pixel-army based approach would be pretty awesome (ie, there are actually 20,000-100,000 units on screen per battle, but these are mostly pixel sized units). But just something different.


Not surprising. Hyena’s just flat out didn’t look good and had zero pull on me to join it’s multiple beta tests. Waste of time, money and effort. Too bad for the devs who lost their jobs and hopefully they land on their feet soon.

Sega GREED better change and lay off my TW3 teams.

Like a lot of these fad-chasers, by the time the game can be developed they often feel like they’re years too late. MMOs, MOBAs, BRs, etc. Execs look at the New Big Thing, dollar signs start dancing in their eyes, and they tell their studio to make one of those. Too bad games take years and years to make and by the time it’s ready no one cares for yet another entry in a saturated genre.