Total War: Warhammer 3

Yeah I wish they’d give this stuff a rework. My latest Grimgor campaign stalled out when I got the warning of the upcoming Crisis. I just… can’t be bothered. “armies spawn out of nowhere, will be annoying until you rally” is just not a fun mechanic. It worked OK in The Old World campaign because you knew where they’d come from and it was thematic. It worked less well in The Vortex campaign because it was just random army spam but still it was at least somewhat constrained. In WH3 it’s just meh.

Thrones of Decay is out now along with the free patch.

You can get ToD even cheaper on Fanatical.

Well, I’m about to fire this up after a year. Hopefully it’s fun again and they patch whatever they break in under 6 months.

Edit: A balance pass would be nice too, but I think we’re just in a world of “everything new is forever stupidly OP” which kind of kills playability imo.

I’ve never understood how TW calculates what to call things. This is a Pyrrhic Victory apparently.

It’s weird. Baseline is how well you do compared to their autoresolve. However it’s you can sometimes autoresolve and get heroic victories.

Damage doesn’t seem to count, but deaths do. So damaged lords give you more score, and heroic victories.

As wisefool says, it’s relative to autoresolve. In this case, you lost more value relative to what autoresolve expected.

Troop quality matters here, not just raw numbers. If your stacks were (mostly) elite troops and the Vampire stacks were mostly zombies & skeletons then yeah, this is a pyrrhic victory. You lost stuff that will cost $$$ to replace, the Vampires lost nothing that they can’t replace more or less instantly.

I didn’t actually lose any full units, and taking the replen troops option after that battle basically took everything to 80+% strength. Sure, it probably cost me some veterancy from my infantry, but whatever.

Since that defeat the vampires haven’t been able to muster another full stack to come after me, so I’ve been pretty much able to grab a settlement or two per turn. Vlad came back at half strength and I was able to run him over with an autoresolve. Which was nice because fighting him is no fun. His physical resist plus high regen makes him pretty much invincible.

Vlad is incredibly annoying, yeah. I’ve seen battles where his army is wiped out and he’s suffering from Army Losses and so long as he’s locked in melee he’s still able to just heal through it. It’s wild. At least Empire has the tools to readily deal with him; you can just focus-fire him down with guns while kiting him around.

Ammo plays a huge part in both balance of power and victory/defeat result. Balance of power during the battle I get but I’ve never understood the rationale behind it determining victory condition. I’ve taken zero casualties as the Wood Elves and ended up with “Close Victory” because I used up almost all my ammunition.

This is almost always the culprit.

“You used a lot of ammo to kill everyone, Pyrrhic Victory.”
People often post Close Victories where they didn’t lose a single unit on Reddit to the point that I think it’s a rule to not do it.

Oooh, maybe that’s what got me. Vlad had been really good about using a perfectly timed swarm of flying stuff to overwhelm my ranged units and then rush his melee units in quickly while that was happening. Was making for tough battles. But that climactic battle had his armies sit back well out of my artillery range and let me harass with my outriders for a long time. Those grenade launcher guys are no joke, especially with all the speed bonuses you can add on.

I don’t normally use the grenade launcher Outriders since in the past I’ve found them lackluster but Elspeth’s Amethyst Outriders are absolutely disgusting against Vlad and all those skeletons. I’ve just got one unit but they’ve managed to get close to 1000 kills in a couple battles against him now. They have a pretty nice upgrade too.


Grenade Launcher Outriders were always pretty strong against chaff.

I think they’ve been buffed and her unique ones are probably monsters.

What would you all say are some must-have mods for the game right now?

New one that seems useful:

[QOL] fuse auto sort (rarity + category)

Infinite respec: yes because I like to experiment to see what’s useful. Also misclicking should not be punished.

recruit defeated legendary lords, I turn it on or off. If on it means you keep fighting Grimgor even if you kill him because other factions will recruit him. It’s handy to turn on if you play one of those factions where the major faction tends to get wiped out.

Auto resolve quest battles. haven’t used it in a while but i like the idea of being able to autoresolve and skip those battles. They are always gimmicky cheating maps where the AI spawns a second army coming from behind you.

Most of them are probably still broken.

Community Bug Fix Mod, Camera and Disable Splash mods are all I usually ran, but we’ll see.
I had an AI mod for a long time since I got tired of steamrolling everything and it was pretty decent I think.

Been trying a few campaigns with new DLC/patch

Dwarves are a bit broken in a bad way. They have a new grudge system but the required grudges scale up to insane numbers (150,000 grudges at turn 80 when you earn 100-500 per fight. That means you’ll need 300+ fights per turn in order to satisfy. Simply impossible. Still a bit of fun in early game. Earlier flame infantry is good. The standard gyrocopter is also buggy, they have no armor. The flame one is fun, and the gyrobomber is not bugged.

Malakai is a horde dwarf, plays differently which is interesting. No need for recruit buildings.

New slayer lords and units make it feasible to do a slayer-only army (well, plus some arti)

Gelt: Interesting start in Cathay. After defeating the enemy there, you can choose to teleport back home. There is an accompanying cheese with the mechanic.

The homecoming option grants a 10 turn buff: Population surplus: 1 for newly-capped settlements.

The cheese is to take Altdorf. Then take the minor settlements. Then abandon them to increase population cap. Repeat until tier 5.

Video here if you need more details.

Archon: There’s a new cheese here too. There is a new lord. He’s over to the east of your starting position. You can either rush him, or secure your starting position before heading east to play. I started recruiting new heroes to farm him, then disbanding after they got the trait. Ended up with ~30+ hero cap which is kind of fun.

Defeating Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord. Hero capacity: +3 for all Heroes; Global recruitment capacity: +1

Played Nuln and the new Dwarf campaign. The power creep is real. By turn 50 as Elspeth I controlled the entire Empire, money rolling in and my artillery just deleted anything they came up against. This is on VH/VH.

Did you conquer or diploannex the rest of the empire lands?