Total War: Warhammer 3

Confederated Stirland Averland and Reikland. The rest had been taken out by Festus and Norsca. I left Todd there with one province so I can’t be called a total autocrat!

Not that I’m complaining really - this is my go to comfort game and I love it when “hellstorm go brrrrt” so CA are doing alright in my book.

I played this a bit over the weekend. It did not last long before I uninstalled it again.

First I started as Archeon just because I wanted to get a feel for how things changed without dealing with new mechanics directly. I did kill that maggot lord guy and yes that defeat trait is really strong.

However, as per usual, I was steam rolling the AI (I play on Hard / Hard) and also spent a lot of time being stealthy Archeon because enemy armies would just run away and Id end up doing the benny hill chase all over. Got bored by turn 90 and stopped. At this point I had taken over most of the nothern chaos wastes.

Next up, Kugoth. I wanted to try the new plague mechanics. I did like the ability to increase plague duration, infection chance and decrease the immunity time. However, the actual plague effects are still garbage. IE: What problems does 30% upkeep cost really do to the AI? Or perhaps -20 Armor… Not much, if anything at all.

Then there are some techs which give you infections and money when a plague spreads, but ONLY to your own faction. This does not make sense, and is also, largely useless. Its a tiny amount of money you gain.

The core problem with plagues even if they were actually really detrimental to the AI (which Ill remind you, they are not) is that they need to spread to a town or army you want to conquer. So what are you supposed to do, have a bunch of plague bearers following your armies around to plague a town or army right before you attack? Otherwise just wait around and hope it spreads to where you want to go?

With Kugath alone, just a single army, I took out the caravan of blue roses and then the western part of Cathay. A single army and the AI could do nothing about it. Whats the point? Also I think I auto resolved all of the battles. I did not do a single one manually. I just threw “whatever” into the army.

Maybe I am over total war? I just do not find it satisfying to continue playing this. I keep hoping, but I am never really challenged.

I think one of the core reasons is the AI is so bad, is that they ported over the warhammer 2 AI and then made a bunch of mechanic changes and never updated the AI to understand them. That is my theory.

They changed autoresolve value too high this patch. Playing the fights out is counterproductive in most cases. (Depends on the race/unit type)

I did fight some manual battles with Archeron. I never lost one. I think their tactical AI must have gotten bugged. It just did really stupid things with units. I took decisive defeats and easily won them. Mostly because the AI would send a few units in their army after me while the rest stood there or wandered around taking a tour of the landscape.

Didn’t happen with me with Archaeon. Check your mods.

I do not run any mods.

I’ve certainly had some solid tactical AI play in my Elspeth campaign. At least early on when I wasn’t ridiculously powerful. Perfectly coordinated flanking attacks on my artillery with other stacks hitting at the exact right time to keep me from getting at the flankers.

The thing that made Elspeth such an easy start for me is that you’re mostly surrounded by Empire and Dwarves that desperately want to be your friends. So I never ran into the multi-front war situation. I had the Ogres and Vampire Counts declare on me but not at the same time. Being able to focus on one war even with some difficult battles meant basically no setbacks. Plus confederations means free territory that still just abuts more friendly factions.

Yeah. Malakai is very strong, but surrounded by many many enemies. Besides all of Norscans and daemons there’s all the chaos dwarves. AI Malakai seems to die often, but AI Elspeth does very well and frequently has more territory than Franz.


grudge fixed?

OP cannons nerfed.