TotalCon 2015 (Mass Gaming Convention): anyone going?

Just a throw out if anyone is attending TotalCon from here? I will be there Thursday and Friday, most likely in the Board Game section. I’m running Arkham, Eldritch Horror, Sons of Anarchy, Firefly, and Spartacus board games.

I’m not going, but as an aside, how do you like the Firefly game? I got it as a gift but have yet to play it.

Have fun!

I like it a lot. That said, I think it plays best with the Pirates and Bounty Hunter expansion. My sole complaint is that once a person gets ahead, there’s not much you can do to impede his progress. The expansion lets you steal Goal Tokens from other players.

The movement is a little slow too, Each time you enter a new square, you draw a navigation card. 80% of the time these will say “keep flying” there is a house mod that we play with where you remove all of the “keep flying” cards. When you move, you roll a die and that number is the amount of spaces you fly. At the end of the movement, you draw an event card.

So, here’s how it would work: you say you intend to move 5 spaces. If you roll a 6, you just get there. If you roll under a 4 you move 4 spaces and draw the event card.

This mod sped up the game, but the first game you play, just use the normal rules.

Awesome, I’ll have to get the expansion then, thanks!