Tourist Trophy

Motorcycle racing by the folks that brought you Gran Turismo.

I picked it up today. So far I’ve completed the novice license tests and have started the Junior tests.

It amuses me that the first bike you own is a 250cc scooter :)

Anyone else pick it up?

Picked this one up as well. I really really wish there were a way to keep the race lines on during actual races as opposed to only during License Exams, as motorcycle racing is so much more unforgiving than auto racing. I have a feeling it’s just too sim-like and unforgiving a game for me to really appreciate, though, and I’ll probably end up reselling it or trading it in unless continued play manages to really hook me.

I think you’ll find it’s not that difficult.

Hey! My Ninja 250 may be little, but it’s no scooter. :>

No, the first bike you own is, literally, a scooter.

So far I’ve picked up 4 bikes. 2x Honda 250s, and the two bikes I won for winning races in the n00b cup.

I’m definetly enjoying the game so far, but I suck so bad at it at the moment. I really need to stop worrying about the career mode and just do time trials on all the courses on a 250 or 500 until I suck less.

I haven’t really looked at the reviews of this one other than to hear that you only race 4 people (does that include you?). That sound unacceptable for a motorcycle game. I’ll have to find my old version of Superbike.

No, the first bike I owned is, literally, a Kawasaki Ninja 250. Although I rode a Honda VFR to work today. :>


Are the physics like Gran Turismo?

Because if they are equivalent, then:

  1. Unlike other motorcycle racing games, you can’t fall off your bike no matter what you do

  2. As long as you get the right angle, you can scrape along a wall without a problem, and take a turn much faster than actually slowing down and taking the right line.

Has anyone tried scraping along the walls yet?

Just curious. I’ll probably end up getting it, since I’m a sucker for what Steve Bauman and Tom Chick seem to have named “CaRPGs”, which might now extend into motorcycles. I do love MotoGP 1 and 2 from Climax. (And you do improve your stats in that one, just not your bike’s).

No, you can fall off your bike in TT, and you can’t scrape along the walls.

You earn new bikes differently in TT than you do in GT4. In TT, you have to complete challenges. You pick the bike you want, then you have to get ahead of an AI rider and either stay ahead for 10 seconds, or cross the finish line first after X laps, depending on what course you’re on.

Which bikes you can challenge for depends on what license you have. With no license, there are only 3-4 bikes in each class you can try for, and each new license opens up 1/4th or so of the remaining bikes.

Awesome! That’s good to know.

Hopefully they’ll do that with the next Gran Turismo too. I’m such a sucker for that game. No matter how much I hate certain aspects of it, I gotta have the next version.

GT3 screwed me over by not letting me get to 100% even though I finished it. GT4 screwed me by making me get Gold medals in all the License tests to get 100%. No way is that ever going to happen. GT4 also screwed me by having a challenge where you have to drive the piece of shit Mercedes McLaren around Nurburgring in a time that necessitates that you HAVE to drive across the grass a lot and use every “scrape along the wall” technique you know to take turns. Ugh. At least in older GT games you could choose not to scrape along the walls, but in GT4 they forced you do it if you wanted to finish the game.