Tower of Babel - Diskuto pri strategio

I am creating this topic to summon help about Pete Cook’s 1989 game Tower of Babel and, in my case, its iOS remake.
The game is a really engrossing brain-teaser.
I am facing a problem in the level “This is a worm’s life” of group 02: I am playing the iOS remake, and this level is the first one to impose a really harsh timing limit. I gather you must program robots, but when I try to program the two of them lying on the top platform, no matter the trick I try to pull (putting them in different spots to start their program, or have them rotate to delay it, and such), my Zapper spider always end up stuck on its starting square, running its sequence in the void.
Is there a wait command I am missing? Or an order in their assignment I am not aware of? Was this an issue in the original game, or is it just a problem with the remake?

Just passed by to say “Esperanto in a Qt3 thread title! Cool”.

Totally unsure about the grammar, though…

Is this a direct remake with the same levels? It’s been a long time since I played the original so I can’t remember.

From what I gather (the fact the author of the remake states he got the authorization from Pete Cook on the specific issue of the levels, and from the name of the levels makers), the levels are strictly the same.
That level is an ugly black dot in my back log >:(
At least the game allows you to progress while skipping one or two per group…

I’ll try to get it running on my iPhone if I can remember my AppStore password. Perhaps I should try an emulator, considering the fact I still have the original box and floppy disk (albeit no Amiga to play it on). Some games I just can’t throw out / sell.

I will push you down back through that hole! Amiga emulation sounds scary though. I should maybe try that first and check if I have the same issue, seeing I can’t, for the life of me, find any helpful ressource online.

I think “diskuto de strategio” would be the proper way to say it. But it’s good enough like that. ;)

Ok, I’m in. Now I have to remember how to play this game. Such great atmosphere though. I imagine the iOS version is more fast-paced than the original (which is best described as “sedate”).

I have tried the Amiga version over a dozen of levels now, and I have noticed a few differences.
I can confirm the levels are strictly the same (so far at least).
The computer version got a much better atmosphere: the 3D is much more vivid, and the variety of backgrounds with the occasinal vista makes for a much ‘warmer’ feel.
Beyond the obvious difference on the camera work (this is taking much time to get accustomed to, on the Miggy version!), I have noticed two gameplay related ones, so far.
The first is in regard to programming: you can alter the program or stack up orders much easier on the original version, as well as running only one robot’s program at a time, by switching to it and then asking it to get going. This, as far as I know, can’t be done in the iOS version and might be the root of my issue with the level I mentionned in the first post. It can’t be poor thinking of my part. I don’t want to contemplate that.
Also, the original version let you press and hold the forward button. You can’t do that on iOS and have to ‘smash’ the virtual screen to get going without losing time.

Heading out for a day, but I’ll get back into this when I return and see if I can figure it out.

The iOS game just got an unlikely update, hinting at ports for other platforms (I’m gonna guess Steam and Switch. I’m the gaming’s Paul Muad’di)

Just a word of wording that while the update was fine on a late iPad running the latest OS, it broke the graphics on an iPhone S running the previous iOS.

I vaguely remember trying to get this to work on my iPhone but I had issues with the AppStore and gave up. Now it’s far too old, so fingers crossed for a Steam version.

But this issue you quote above sounds like a game breaker. The original version required order stacking and timing for the different robots to solve puzzles. If I read your post correctly, you can’t do that here, or the UI sucks? That would kill it. I’m reminded to exhume my Amiga emulator and fire it up though.

The iOS version got a further update, fixing my graphical issue.
Also, there is now a way to run an individual robot’s program. I just need to learn the game again!

Well I checked the website and now there’s an Android version! So I downloaded that and played a couple of levels. Damn, such nostalgia. No, it’s not as atmospheric as the original version, which felt like you were solving puzzles during permanent sunset, but the gameplay appears to be intact. I need to remember how to play it though, already perplexed.

Esperanto is cool.

That is all. Carry on.