Tower of Time Catch All

Is there truly no thread for this game? Another Early Access gem goes unnoticed on Qt3?

Tower of Time is a real-time RPG. The hook to the game is the combat. It is always real time but you can hit the space bar to dramatically slow things down to make good choices. So think Baldur’s Gate combat with a 90% slowdown rather than an outright pause.

I am not very far into the game but so far I am quite impressed. Visually it is more than acceptable. The game is story heavy and while thus far it seems to be the usual fantasy tropes it appears to be well done and well thought-out. The combat is quite enjoyable, even with a limited number of skills. It is quite neat to put up a well timed wall spell to block off a horde of attackers while you concentrate on burning down another pocket. There are the prerequisite boss battles, the secret rooms, crafting and the like. Gold is at a premium because you do not sell your items. All you get is what you find and you need it to level up your characters and your city buildings (aka Darkest Dungeon).

It is in EA and only the first chapter is out. The other two are coming and will be part of the base product, which will increase in price as it gets more fleshed out. The initial reviews are exceptionally positive. 83 reviews, 96% positive. It is worth checking out.


And yeah, this has been wishlisted for a while, glad to hear it’s awesome.

Its REALLY great - I’ve had to force myself to not play it, to avoid burnout. But basically, its a dungeon crawler with great atmosphere and I much enjoyed my time in it.

TYVM for the link. I posted this about 3 minutes before my first conference call today and did not have a chance to flesh this out.

You need to go buy it. $15 for this kind of game is an amazing deal.

Do you create or summon temporary units to fight next to you, or are they recruited and persistent?

You have recruited and persistent party members that you can choose from. At least one of them is a class that an create temporary units during the fight that last a short time.

Thanks for this post Granath and for such good feedback. Hope we can somehow bring more players to our game with the help of other players.

(lots of good changes coming soon. among other things - more varying skills, different skill mechanics, different combat modes and proper skill tree)

I’ve been eyeing this since it entered EA. Any idea when you’ll increase the price, so I know how long I have to secure $15 worth of couch change? :-)

We plan to increase the price when we release another part of the story - Book Two.

I am aiming for end of November for that. We will post an announcement on Steam about 2 weeks before this date.

Great, thanks!

Currently $11 for the next 23 hours on

@ToT, any idea what the price will be during the Steam Holiday sale…? :-)

Anyone play it recently who can give impressions on how it’s coming along?

Not recently, but the last time I played I was VERY happy. Its such a great game - If you haven’t purchased it yet, please do!

My original impressions still stand.

I just got the notification that it is out and I am very tempted. My biggest concern is time commitment, How does it play for 1-2 hour bursts?

This review seems pretty positive, I am gonna grab it during a sale for sure.

It’s great for 1-2 hour bursts. You can save anywhere except in combat, which so far for me has only taken a couple minutes max.

I have enjoyed my short time with the game so far. The combat is really unique for a party rpg: each battle has its own terrain, cover and chokepoints. And in non-boss fights, enemies will come in waves so you will have to take special care to position your units, manage aggro, and use your skills tactically. As a quick example, the tanky guy you get from the start can create an 8 meter long stone wall as an ability. You can use that to completely encircle a unit to keep it out of combat for the duration of the spell, or use the wall to cut off a battlefield route that might allow units to get to your back line.

Any more comments on this game ? Looks interesting.

I tried playing for a bit. It seems interesting, but for some reason it makes my GPU run hotter than much more demanding games. Not sure if it’s a bug or not, but that makes me less likely to play it for the time being.