Tower of Time Catch All

I like it, but still feel it’s a bit too difficult. Certain battles just send too many enemies at once for your merry little band to handle. I’ve managed to pass a lot of challenges by figuring out gear upgrades and skill use, but the one issue I continue to have is when I’m facing 10 to 12 at a time.

The story is pretty good, and the game itself has a lot to it. Crafting, enchanting, upgrading, level ups, skills, skill tweaking, loot, etc. There’s always new things coming at you. Even new companions. It’s really pretty decent. If you’re ok with trial and error in battles, as opposed to just rolling through every thing, then it’s probably a good game to get.

I will need to watch some combat videos. I’m hoping the battles have lots of options and can be over the top. What I mean by that is Divinity 2 combat had flaming chickens, teleportation, environment concerns etc while a game like Battle Brothers the combat is subtle. Both games are great in their own way but I’m looking for something over the top. I know the games I mentioned are TBS and this is real time with pause but I hope I got my point across.

I got the Steam email telling me it was ready to buy, at £13, but when I went to buy it, the price had gone up to £19.50.

There’s a thread on Steam about it, seems like a honest miscommunication, but for me, the extra price isn’t such a big deal, because I have enjoyed my 2 hrs so far, enjoyed it enough to want to play it more.

But, in short bursts.

I like the fights, but there are some things I don’t like:

  1. Zoom doesn’t do much

  2. No camera rotation

  3. No key to highlight loot.

  4. The player character is not actually playable…

Loving the game so far. It reminds me a lot of the game Arklash. Came out a couple years back. Playing my first run through on normal and have run into a few fights i had to avoid and come back to. Enjoying the story so far and the character interaction.

First patch dropped today. And it fixes, among other problems, the issue I had with high CPU/GPU usage. It’s running fine now, so I guess I’ll be able to enjoy the game after all. ;)

What does this mean?

The player character works like an overseer of sorts. He can see and hear everything his heroes see and hear, and he instructs them, but he is not playable himself. It’s sort of like the mayor in SimCity or the president in Tropico? I can’t think of a better comparison. ;)

@rhamorim said it best.

The story is told from the point of view of a character who does…nothing.

You are supposedly that character.

But now you sit on your magic chair and can hear and see everything that happens in the tower apparently…except you can’t map the tower out.

So your underlings, who are premade characters, do it for you.

Doesn’t that simply boil down to being a narrative choice the studio made? It doesn’t affect how the game plays at all.

I thought it was a clever immersion trick to explain why you (as the player - a subtle breaking of the 4th wall) had executive control over your party and can even influence/override decisions.

Which is precisely why i don’t like it.

Still that’s a minor irritation compared to the combat sequences, which I’m really not enjoying much right now.

I especially hate the totally bullshit “ambushes” where one of your party members starts in a cage.

It’s random who’s in the cage, and if it’s the fighter guy then that fight is lost.

I get that the hook is supposed to be about smart positioning and use of abilities together, but I am doing all of that and then having it all undone in mere seconds.

I also find it quite immersion breaking that you stumble upon a group of ogres, but there are 20 or more in said group, apparently around a cooking pot.

What are they cooking? I mean the whole area is full of skeletons long dead of starvation, or the Undead…

Anyway i can see the appeal but right now it’s not appealing to me.

A shame because I thought the gameworlds premise of a truly lost civilisation was pretty cool.

I’ll stick with it because I can’t refund it, but right now I’m not having fun.

There were originally 21 Ogres. :)

You know, this is something that bothers me in video games. There is no consideration for ecology. You are in some desolate area where all life has been wiped out or simply can not survive, yet its full of monsters. I bothers me that there is no good reason for the monsters to be there and how they could survive. I wish game designers would at least try and make these kind of environments more believable.


Yeah I know what you mean. The game story and the combat have a detached feeling - almost to the point of “beat the mini game to despawn the map progress blocker”. That formula works well in the Heroes of Might and Magic overworld but it’s a bit jarring for a dungeon crawler.

Myself I am thinking of turning the combat difficulty down a notch(against all my instincts) because I am very poor at RTS or MOBA type games. It makes me particularly anxious when I don’t really know what kind of fight I’m getting into before hand. Sure, I know the unit types but nothing about how many at a time or where they’re coming from.

I still like the story but my overall opinion has cooled a lot.

Same. I have shelved this game because I feel I’m banging my head against a wall over and over. There’s 3 battles blocking my paths, and I’ve failed each one at least twice. Interest lost.

I guess I can put this here.

So I’m on Level 2 and having a blast. Just killed the orc boss near the siege engine area. I guess I have a beefy system because I’m having zero issues with optimization. It runs smooth as silk. I’m just seriously surprised that there isn’t more discussion about the game. It gives me a serious BG2 vibe. The writing can get a bit florid in a “and thus it was known that bla bla bla” but I don’t mind that. I was raised on that kind of game. I mean, Irenicus, right?

The newest version has pause as well as slow down time for battles. I’m very glad of that. There is a F5 quicksave. What else do you want?

Most, if not all of the issues stated upthread have been fixed.

I’m thinking of picking this up on the Chronogg sale, but it seems like barely anyone of my friend list has gotten more to the halfway point based on HowLongToBeat. Was it not good enough to hold peoples’ attention?

I liked it and remember it being quite challenging.

I got stuck on 1 particular fight that was a roadblock to progressing, so after several attempts, I bailed.

I picked this up for $10 on sale recently and what a steal! It really clicked for me. I love Pillars and Divinity OS but sometimes you just want something a little more modest and streamlined for your dungeon crawling fix. Not to say this is simplistic… it’s just not a big sprawling epic like those other games.

I’m guessing they’ve made effective balance improvements because unlike some folks, I’ve found the combat to be perfectly tuned. Playing on hard, I’ve had to retry a number of battles 3-5 times but each defeat forced me to learn a new tactic, upgrade/enchant my gear, try a new skill load-out, etc. Or simply come back to the fight later when I’ve grown stronger. Some fights I have to play on slow-mo the entire time which can be tense as hell. I’ve logged 25 hours so far and just entered the fourth level of the tower out of six.

Highly recommended!