Toxic dog-sheep!


This is the awesomest story I have EVER read about a dog. I like this dog and I HATE dogs.

The best part is his name.


Why do you hate dogs?

Well I’m not exactly sure. I think it’s because they slobber and they’re too enthusiastic. I also don’t like barking.

Does this mean you hate yourself, too?


Toxic waste produces supermutantdog. No suprise there.

So I’ve been called quite a few things, but I don’t think I’ve ever been called an overenthusiastic barking slobberer.

You really need to make your insults species appropriate.

Half the dudes in Berkeley, CA have hair similar to that. Coincidence?

That looks like a Komondor, a Hungarian herd dog. Those dreads are what happens if their coats aren’t corded when they’re puppies.

Now that they found the dog they can let him herd two-headed cows in the toxic dump. Just hope he’s a match for the mutant gangs!

I had missed the fact that the original article was from 2003. A buddy to whom I’d sent that link sent me
this one and this one today.

The Auditor is dead, but his radioactive ghost lives on.


Not the Auditor! Now I have to hate all dogs.