Toy Soldiers: Cold War is hot, hot, hot!

Title Toy Soldiers: Cold War is hot, hot, hot!
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When August 16, 2011 two-word review: yee-haw! I'd write it in all caps, but I don't want to be more obnoxiously ebullient than I already am. Read another 998 or so words here..

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Sold! Now when can I get this for my PS3 or PC?

Oh, Jarmo. You've backed the wrong horse again. Did the original Toy Soldiers ever make it off the 360?

I think Jarmo means it needs to be released on a platform which targets an audience other than the "name stitched on shirt" crowd. And I agree.

No caps?! And you call yourself an American, Tom...

Seriously though, make them put it out on PC. It's the big box taking up most of my desk, you can't miss it.

Pile: Way to stereotype Xbox owners.

Proud Xbox owner who does not have a single shirt with anything stitched on it.

If you bash consoles, sorry, you're not a real gamer. You're a sneering PC elitist who merely THINKS they are.

Gentlemen, gentlemen, I merely am in the disadvantageous position of not owning the Console of Red Rings and would thus appreciate missives foretelling an impending multiplatform release for the game du jour de la Chateau Chick.

Man, it got all like the London riots up in here.

Actually, Jarmo, Wikipedia suggests the original Toy Soldiers is available for Games for Windows Live. That means there's hope for non-Xboxxers yet to get their Cold War on!