Toy Story 4

Yes, Toy Story 4. Lasseter is directing according to the investor call.

June 2017

Good to hear that Lasseter will be involved if they insist on doing this, but a shame they insist on doing this.

Well, if they can make a movie as good as Toy Story 3, I don’t care if they keep making sequels.

It’s like they dug up my childhood dog just to kick him!

Well, maybe I’m being too dramatic. At least Lasseter’s involved.

Nice - this is one of the franchises where the movies just gets better and better so I’m all in for this.

Looks like the Toy Story franchise in danger of its quality being watered down? - seems to me they wrapped it up pretty well in #3 (#2 is my favorite).

Toy Story: Episode 4 - A New Cash-in

I’m hoping they’ll do a sort of reboot, with new characters. As stated above, they wrapped things up pretty well in TS 3 for Woody, Buzz and the gang. Instead of shoe-horning in a new plot, they could use a whole new set of characters.

I assume it’s about a kid with a whole bunch of Cars toys.

Since Lasseter’s last directing job was Cars 2 I don’t consider his involvement a positive.

Yeah, but wasn’t Lasseter brought in at the last minute to try to save it?

Arise for we have a teaser trailer!

That doesn’t make we want to see it, but hey, it is what it is.

Don’t get too excited, extremely short.

That was… really not good? From that trailer I can’t see the central thesis of the movie. Is it about showing the Spork what it means to be a toy? What’s up with the Bo-Peep stuff and the town? What’s Woody’s conflict?

The trailer was also strangely joyless. Can’t really think of a memorable moment or line, funny or otherwise.

I am not a fan of the spork. I am still hopeful though.

I was also really underwhelmed by it. What a strange direction.

I mean wasn’t ‘toy is lost, contemplates alternate existence, but ultimately embraces the value of friendship and his role in the world’ the plot of Toy Story 2?

This seems to be character undevelopment. Like the emotional climax and point of movies 2 and 3, especially 2, were wasted.

Still the best Pixar film IMO.

Really? It’s the second worst for me after Cars 2 (note I never saw cars 3)