Toylet - Urine Powered Videogame by Sega

I just have to post this as reported by

Players interact with Toylet by urinating on a sensor placed inside the urinal that measures volume and pressure. That input controls the videogame, shown on a screen mounted at eye level.

Toylets are designed to operate only in urinals and will not work in a traditional sit-down toilet.

Male only videogame? Why does Sega hate women?

Some days I really hate this world.

And I just figured out how to get the ball in the goal at my local bar. Wee!

Because women/girls never miss but men/boys do miss the target (ask any mom/wife).


That small, barely audible sound just now? I think that was the that last vestige of my faith in humanity falling into one of those toilets.

So you’ve never heard of hovering? Where they splash the seat? Ask your mom/wife about that.

Ah but women/girls know how to clean up! :>)

(Father of three boys and one daughter)

Urine powered games have been around for years!

I don’t think this is healthy. When you are doing your corporal functions, is bad for your health to be distracted by something else. Is bad to read Fyodor Dostoevsky in the toilet .

I don’t think it’s healthy either, but not because it distracts from corporal functions.

And who says Japanese games are going down the drain? take that fez boy!

My first thought when using the urinal is not “Why am I not being entertained?!”

Plus they missed the chance to have the sensor measure sugar levels.

Seriously. I’ve heard that public women’s restrooms frequently are messier than men’s.

Weird how this is being picking up now - this thing came out 2 years ago.

Is this really that upsetting to people? It seems pretty innocuous to me.

To me it sounds like it could have been a classic SNL fake commercial.

Life imitates art, or truth is stranger than fiction?

I’m afraid it would just make people around here more likely to take a dump in the urinal.

Yeah, same. Not getting what the big deal is.

They should make a Ghostbusters themed version. Don’t cross the streams!

No one made a Wii joke yet?