Toylet - Urine Powered Videogame by Sega

If you need a video game to train you not to piss on the person standing next to you…

I don’t have a problem with the concept overall, I think it’s kind of amusing. On the other hand, the one where you use the force of your urine stream to blow wind up a woman’s skirt is kind of disturbing.

I saw video of something very similar to this years ago. This isn’t a new idea. It’s still dumb, but not new and “OMG FAITH IN HUMANITY GONE” level stuff.

I used to be one of the poor suckers that cleaned bathrooms in the Empire State Building. Night crew. Trust me when I say that this is true across the board. Don’t get me started on used tampons. Dayum!

Talk about head games…

I have also cleaned restrooms. The woman who is honest about the hover is a keeper. The one who isn’t will also tell you her flatulence is pleasantly fragrant.

Whenever I get down about life I remind myself of two things: 1. I no longer have to suffer my grad school adviser. 2. I no longer have to clean a gas station women’s restroom.

Heh. While I was cleaning building restrooms the thing that kept me sane was the thought that ‘at least it isn’t gas station restrooms’.

I was completely naive about the practice. I was griping about the mess to a female coworker and she set me straight. “I don’t sit on a public toilet.”

What’s most amusing about that stuff is that don’t they say that the taps and the door knob are far worse things to touch than the toilet seat will ever be?

Completely true. I turn off taps and open doors on the way out with a paper towel. Most office buildings have a wastebasket near the outer doors to accommodate that last piece of paper.

They should somehow turn it into a gambling game and call it Urine Luck.