Toyota surpasses GM

I know how to change the oil but that’s about the extent of it. I don’t even do that because it’s a pain in the ass without ramps or a big jack or what have you.

Trade in the car?

I’m in agreement about the general shoddiness of American cars. My in-laws love Chrysler cars (they have a Jeep and a Caravan), despite the fact that theirs are always in the shop. Seriously, it seems like they have to take them in nearly every month for something, and at least once a year for something major. Yet they’ll go on and on about what great cars they are. I don’t think they’ve ever owned a non-American car, though, so maybe they just lack a basis for comparison.

I’ll say that there are exceptions, though. Our Mustang, which we’ve had for ten years now, has been fantastically reliable. In the time that we’ve owned it, we’ve had exactly two major repairs (an intake manifold that cracked, and some drivetrain work). Both were fairly recent, though; after ten years, I guess some things are bound to need fixing. Aside from that, though, the car still looks and drives like a new car, and we got a good eight and a half years of use out of it before we had to spend a dime on repair work.

Our Escort has not been nearly as reliable, though, and our next car is almost certainly going to be Japanese (we’d really like to get a Honda Fit, but are also looking at the Nissan Versa and the Toyota Prius).

It was Hiro, wasn’t it?

you don’t have ramps?
I thought everybody had ramps.

Nope, no ramps. We are talking about these things, right?

Of course.

We hated our Honda Odyssey, had all kinds of mystery problems the dealer could never solve, and underwent three hidden recalls in the time we owned it. We gave up on it when we were 2500 miles from home, at night, in a rainstorm, and it refused to start. We replaced it with a Toyota Sienna that’s been perfect so far.

Me too, but my time in now too valuable to waste it that way. (Unless I’m restoring a '66 Mustang, but that’s different.)

MS, have you ever admitted to a consumer error?

Of course he has. He talks about preferring Macs all the time.

Actual content: I too was surprised to learn that Toyota was not already outselling GM, but the multiple brands thing makes it make sense. It’s an interesting milestone, but hardly a surprise.

The funny thing is, I’ve been told that the Japanese buy cars pretty much the same way (get a new one every three years), but it doesn’t seem to have affected their long-term reliability.

Where’s the link for this, BTW? Does this mean Toyota is truly outselling GM across all vehicle classes, or is this for cars only (i.e. excluding vans, pickups and the like)?

I used to drive a Ford Escort, now I drive a Honda Civic. I have no plans to buy a non Japanese car any time in the foreseeable future. Night and day!

From the NYT:Toyota sold more cars and trucks around the world in the first three months of 2007 than any other manufacturer, surpassing General Motors for the first time and ending one of the longest runs of dominance in all of global industry.”

I’m still pretty amazed that a single company was able to hold the lead for 70 years!

I’ve driven a lot of Ford cars and I have hated every one of them. I got tired of blowing through transmissions, water pumps, fuel pumps, etc. They were expensive to maintain. I switched to a Honda Accord around 1998, and a Toyota Prius in 2001. My Prius has never had a problem, though I’m on my second one now due to shitty drivers. My original Honda Accord (1994) has never had anything but a tune up/oil change and is still being driven to this day without problems.

Yes. And I learned from them.

My 92 Mazda 323 has had a lot of annoying stuff go wrong; the interior light goes out so often I’m more surprised when it works. Right now the rear wiper is dead and the driver’s side door doesn’t open on the first pull. However, it has never died and the only time it failed to start was from a dead battery.

Pff. If you really knew how to fix cars, you’d have a hydraulic lift installed in an annex next to your home instead of trotting out little girly ramps.

Ahh - so it’s not in the U.S. market specifically, but world-wide. I, too, am a bit surprised that GM had still been #1 globally until just now.

That’s for fags…you gotta crawl under the beast…
The great thing about Mustangs is if anything does break there’s tons of aftermarket replacement parts that will make it go faster, stop quicker or handle better.