Toys R Us Buy 2 Get 1 Free

This week, with the coupon in the Toys R Us flier, you can buy two Gamecube games and get a third one free. The free one has to be of equal or lesser value of course. It lasts until Saturday and by mid-week they WILL be picked clean so don’t wait around unless you’re going to try to get Rebel Strike in the deal.

I decided not to wait for the Star Wars game and instead bought P.N.03, Kirby Air Ride and Soul Calibur II.

Next week the deal will be on PS2 and Xbox games so you can’t mix and match PS2 with GC or Xbox with GC. It’s only GC this week.


Dave: Where can you get the fliers? I looked in my sunday paper, but nothing.

They had them at the store when I went in so if your Sunday paper doesn’t have one, just go on into the store and you should find them there. Go today if you can only because they might run out of their in-store copies.


Is there anything that came out recently that’s worth getting?

edit: for the xbox

This also works if you go to Amazon’s Toys R. Us link. No flyer necessary. just enter the promo code

Amazon Thingie

Bub’s right but I don’t think you can mix and match online and you’re also limited to only the $39.99 or $49.99 titles. There are a number of $29.99 games you can do it with at the store and of course with a coupon, you can buy more games. I think the online thing only works once.

Still, it’s valuable for those who don’t have a TRU nearby.


Ugh, your right, I just went through it. The selection sucks online. That just ain’t right.

How good is Kirby? The reviews have been mediocre, but my kids (9 and 5) both like the cartoon and the GBA Kirby. They both liked F-Zero GX, but the younger one was a little frustrated with it at times.

I’m gonna be grabbing Crimson Skies, SSX 3, and maybe Simpsons Hit and Run or Gladius.

Kirby’s a lot more fun if you think of him as an animated uterus.