Tracking IPs

Hey, I was wonderfin if anyone knows how to track an IP and an ISP. I want to learn more about this ISP:

and this IP

Thanks in advance

TDS Telecom (TDS3-DOM)
525 Junction Road
Madison, WI 53717

Domain Name: TDS.NET

Administrative Contact:
Marketing, CSSG (33280243I) [email protected]
TDS Telecommunications
525 Junction Road
Madison, WI 53717
1-800-358-3648 fax: 608-664-4035
Technical Contact:
Administrator, TDSNET Dns (TDA6) [email protected]
TDS Telecommunications, TDSNET
301 S. Westfield Rd.
Madison, WI 53717

And you can just go to their webpage at

So, would I be right in assuming that the applwis part could mean Appleton Wisconsin?

That sounds like a good assumption. The “pool” part makes me think that its a modem in a dial up pool.

The TDS abuse FAQ (search for “abuse”) in their help system says that you should just send all the info (logs etc) to [email protected] and they’ll take care of it.

Bub if this is for the account hosted with us, you can always email support @ and if someone is being abusive etc, we can help you. But dynamic modem pools are worst, ip will constantly change. But if it is for your forums etc, there are ways to ban groups of ips.

At one point with omm, it got so bad I banned all of italy from the server. It happens.

Chet has a nice collection of tools for this sort of purpose:

Trying whois -h

OrgName: Lawrence University
Address: AppletonWI 54912

I can’t believe anything bad could come out of Appleton, Wisconsin. It sounds so wholesome!

It’s a nice place. Houdini grew up there. They have a chocolate festival.

For some reason, that made my night.

Also Willem Dafoe.

the guy that played the vamp in ‘Shadow of a Vampire’ ??

Sounds like an exciting holiday destination.

Wholly Schmidt, ask Brett Todd about the Italian, he will remember.


My employer is owned by Italians. Good times.