Tracking movies you want to watch

This might sound like a stupid question but how do you track the movies you’re interested in seeing someday? When I frequent this forum or say the horror subreddit, I often come across movies that sound interesting. I typically say to myself “hey, I should watch that.” Well of course it doesn’t happen right then so it sort of goes on a mental list. For Netflix I add it to “My List”. And then I promptly either forget or get distracted by something else. Just recently I tried making a browser tab for each movie I am interested in seeing. So I’ve now got like… 20 browser tabs open. And I could theoretically open 50 more. So that doesn’t seem like a good technique.

Is the solution to just writing down your interests in a list or tracking them on a spreadsheet? Is there a website that facilitates this? What do you guys use?

I’m using Letterboxd. It’s really sweet to keep track of stuff you watched and want to watch, rate a movie (5-star scale), write reviews and follow other people. Also has a tag system. I find it particularly useful to quickly check what movies or shows one has seen in a given year and sort it by rating or other criteria. Also has its own app.

I use OneNote for all my list- and note- making needs. Desktop, laptop, and phone. Browser if needs must.

I use Google Keep. Similar to OneNote, really.

Letterboxd seems interesting, thanks for bringing that up.

Yet another Google product I’ve never heard of before!! I do sort of the same thing with gaming notes by putting documents in my Dropbox folder and using Notepad++.

I’m using JustWatch. Let’s you keep a watch list and also lists which services things are available on, if any.

Letterboxd is great.

I also like Letterboxd.

I’ve been using Reelgood for a while now and like it a lot. Works for both movies and tv. You can also launch tv and movies from it.

How often do you all actually consult your list? I have a really long list in Notes but there’s always something immediately available I want to see, so I never have to look at it.

Things like Keep or other note-keeping apps are convenient for me because you can use an app on the phone and quickly make a note before you get to a computer. (If I’m on a bus for example.)

Fourthing or whatever Letterboxd. Easy to keep track of what you watch, and make lists of what you want to watch…the community of pro and amateur film critics is a bonus.

I’ve used for years. Tracks tv shows and movies really well. Both what I watched and what I want to watch.

Letterboxd is great. Also, someone made a list of all movies featured in the Quarter to Three Movie Podcast there:

Oh, that’s cool. Followed.

I also use Google Keep. I have bulleted lists of books to read, movies to watch, things to do before leaving Japan (I guess I can delete that one as I left two years ago). Google Keep is a amazing.

Just took a look at mine and realized I’ve got quite a lot of lists! Lol has a Watchlist function if you create an Account there.
Since I already use the website to rate movies I’ve seen for future reference and the Database has pretty much every movie I’ve ever looked for listed, the watchlist is a neat Bonus.

You should make a new list titled ‘Movies to avoid’ and move Kingdom of Heaven over right away.

That’s a very specific time period on that music list. Are you 35-38 years old?