TrackMania 2 announced

There aren’t a ton of details out there just yet, but French developer Nadeo announced TrackMania 2 over the weekend. The game was revealed by Nadeo’s Florent Castelnerac at something that I’m going to go out on a limb and refer to as “Festival du Jeu Vidéo.” Because that’s what this public event in Paris was actually called.

The big details here are on the customization front. Track creators will now be able to create objects in 3D rendering software and import them into the game, instead of using the prefab parts that defined the track creation process in the previous releases. A new scripting language, called ManiaScript, is also being built to further help people make wild stuff. The game is said to be scheduled for a 2010 release exclusively on the PC.

wow… Nice. I cannot wait.

Very cool. On a related note, anyone have any idea how that DS game did?

Stellar, best game I never payed for.

I only hope that some day there will be enough bandwidth and processing power for there to be a Trackmania with inter-vehicular physics.

I think that might just prove annoying given the crazy state of the tracks and all, though as an option it might be ok. I kind of like how it is where you can see how everyone is doing, but if you flip off the side of a track you can’t blame anyone but yourself.

It definitely needs to be in there… as an optional mode at the very least.

It definitely does not need to be in there.

Collision detection in Trackmania would completely break the game. Tracks are crafted so perfectly, with every single jump tuned to the exact setup that it needs to put you exactly where you’re supposed to go, collision detection would just screw up everything.

Yeah, TrackMania is great, though I would never pay for it. It is a good game to play with people who don’t have great computers.

I too would like to see a mode where there IS collision. Maybe wider tracks, etc… I understand the core element of the game is getting the best possible time, but I don’t play time trials online, just races. Don’t you ever get the urge to ram someone off the road while playing? ;)

Things happen too fast to really develop any kind of grudge against specific people online, at least on the more highly populated servers. There it’s mostly about the pressure of seeing your ranking slip further and further down as the seconds tick away and it becomes more critical that you not screw up if you want to fit in those two more runs…

Great game. I loved creating tracks rather than racing on them. Can’t wait.