Tracy Morgan's Shark Tank Set His Apartment on Fire

Tracy Morgan’s shark tank set his apartment on fire.

That’s Tracy Morgan, the real one. See, he has a shark tank. And it caused a fire in his apartment.

Sounds like a 30 Rock joke

He’s Brian Fellows.

That’s crazy.

Did you see that shark?

He was lookin’ at me!!!

Give the man a break, he’s got a lot on his mind grapes.

Shepherd told The New York Post: “I love my husband… he’s my TV husband. And if any of my clothes got messed up, I’m sure Tracy will pay for them.” And if not, perhaps the shark will.

Rest assured that it will get worked into the show somehow.

Maybe they’ll “skip the shark”.

So, his aquarium caught on fire.

Well, you know. That dihydrogen monoxide is some dangerous stuff.

It’s a testament to how unique his comedy is that I can’t actually come up with an off the cuff Morgan-like comment.

“Wet-Fire” is the closest I can get.

I’m pretty sure even dumb people have figured that one out by now. Maybe veiled references to Leviticus?


His fishtank is made from mixed textiles? Does it contain shrimp?