Trade your PS3 for a Wii?

Well, some people are -

That article author seems familiar…

  • Alan


It’s been going on for a few weeks. I considered it myself, when I ran into a fresh shipment of PS3’s at Best Buy one morning while looking for a Wii for a gift.

Bigger launch numbers are scant consolation if you need one and it’s after launch. Demand has ensured that if you didn’t camp out, for the most part you didn’t get a Wii from a store. Even if you camped out, you were usually only allowed one. I ended up giving two for gifts, so I was on my own for the extras (I tried a second camp out, but I wasn’t early enough to make the cutoff). PS3’s might seem like a reasonable currency if you’re looking for one of the hot consoles, but find another. I wonder how many are being successful, though.

The Wii has turned into a phenomenon this Christmas.