Trading in Games is great!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I traded in my PS2 today since I never played it. Got 130 credit for it and the memory card. I also sold two ps2 games and 20 dvds. SO with 30 extra dollars included with the overall credit I managed to snag:

Replacement PSOne (In case my current one ever has issues)
Gameboy Advance + AC Adapter
Tactics Ogre for GBA
Mega Man Battle Network for GBA
Legend of Mana for PSOne
Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Perfect Collection

I am sooo happy I found Legend of Mana for PSOne. When I saw it at the local game store I actually grabbed the box held it in the air and exclaimed “YES! YOU HAVE IT!”

I also wanna pick up Mega Man Zero for GBA on the 11th. YES!

It’s really cool how you can openly talk about how you got ripped off without the slightest feelings of shame or embarrassment.

My local EB currently offers a substantial credit for used PS2s. It’s not so good if you bought them at the original price, but if you got it after the price cut, you’d get back two-thirds of the original value, IIRC. Of course, in that case you wouldn’t have owned the unit for very long, but if you really don’t like PS2 games and view the net loss as a rental fee, you may still do better than you would have by renting the console at the Blockbuster. (I’m just guessing–I don’t know what the BB asks for PS2 rentals.)

The credit offered for games is another story. It’s usually shockingly low. If you were feeling spiteful, you could bring your used game into the store, throw the disc on the floor, and dance on it until it shattered–you wouldn’t lose much more than you would by trading it in. :?

I paid like 80 or 100 dollars for my ps2 from a friend. So I made out pretty good.

As for games and dvds. I own so many it doesnt really matter. We all lose money, I like being able to choose when and how I lose it ;)

I think I got some great stuff considering, but I guess Paxton felt the need to vent on me for enjoying the hobby. Sorry Paxton!

Yeah, EB’s trade-in values for games suck. I was there when they first started pre-owned games and we were one of the first stores to get them. I still remember my reply… “We’re paying HOW MUCH in credit?!” It was pretty nasty. Back then you could at least get $20-$25 for stuff though, which I don’t think happens too much anymore unless you’re trading in a console game a week after you bought it, in which case you should probably be returning it instead.

We had a local guy that did a great used game business and he did it “right” IMO. He only ever kept two of any game on hand and if he had his two, you were out of luck. It kept the value up on those games that were really worth something and kept the dreck from building up. I could get $35 to $40 on a trade-in within the first month. When the program started at EB, customers would often walk out of our store because they knew across town they could get $10 to $20 more in credit. EB called the police on this fellow back then because he was selling used PC games. This was before the advent of CD-ROM. They thought his store was “dirty”. When I came to work for EB and told them I went there regularly it was like a sin.

Of course, six months later my district and regional managers were asking me how that guy made out so well with pre-owned games. “Who wants those? They’re dirty and not new!” I pointed out that a lot of EB’s console games aren’t really “new” anymore either since they rip 'em open to put the boxes on the shelf. The huge margins they get on resale of used games/systems proved they just couldn’t ignore it anymore. EB tried some imports too in case anyone doesn’t know that. They got ripped a new one from the publishers for carrying them and it stopped pretty quick. They dabble once in awhile now if it’s something with high demand and no US release like Shenmue II.

I’ve got a Microplay near me that has games from every system almost since the dawn of gaming. They NEVER mark any used games down. It’s ridiculous. Sega Saturn games that you can watch go through auction at Ebay and never, ever sell, they want $20 for them. NES, Gameboy, Atari 2600 or 7800, you name it, they probably have something and are charging too much for it. It’s so bad that they literally have games littering the floors behind the counter with nowhere to go with any of it. It’s like a fucking goldmine of riches if you’re willing to pay for the stuff, but so much of it isn’t worth it. I’ve seen titles there I haven’t seen anywhere else. I just don’t understand how they keep going. If people trade this stuff in, they’re buying something else with the credit… so when do they make money? I still can’t believe they’re selling enough new product to cover expenses and the like but maybe they are.

Either way, I really wish they’d go through their inventory. I’d probably be in there every day if they marked stuff down to reasonable prices. As it is, I hardly ever go there because their new game prices are often above suggested retail!


Oh…I also wanted to say that you’ll be back. Everyone sells a system only to return to it once in their gaming lives. I’ve owned two Neo Geos, two PSOnes (I did what you did, thought I could live without it, then realize what an idiot I was for selling it), two 3DOs… the list goes on and on. While the PS2 library isn’t the embarrassment of riches that the PSOne library is, it’s only full year two. There will be at least 20 to 30 must own games by the time it’s done.

You’ll be back… ;-)


The trade-in loss would not be such a big deal to me, but they mark them back up so damn much. I get $10.00 (at most) and they price it at $5.00 or $10.00 under the cost of a brand new one. There must be plenty of people buying them at those prices because that is the consistent practice at EB and Babbages in my area.

Unless I absolutely despise the game, I would rather keep it and let it clutter up my house rather than get a few bucks.

I did the same with my college text books by the way. Them, “I’ll give you 7 dollars for your $65.00 book and you are going to like it!!!” Me, “Screw you guys, my text book and I are going home”. It’s the principle. They are successful businesses and I am poor, but I am poor with lots of stuff I will never use. And isn’t that what the American Dream really is.

Oh ill probably get another ps2 some day, but I have found it ultra convenient to stay a generation behind. PSOne and Dreamcast rock!

PSOne and Dreamcast rock!

Well, I’m with you there. All these new domestic games on major new platforms this month and I’m going to order Ikaruga for Dreamcast. I just got Tech Romancer last week and love it. I’ve been playing a lot of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 lately in addition to Super Mario Sunshine which is the only current gen game I’m playing regularly.

I’ve had my eye on PSOne games I missed which are popping up everywhere at low prices. It’s easy to live in the last generation (which I don’t think the DC is necessarily part of) of gaming this time around and have a hell of a lot of great things to play. I’ll keep taking advantage of guys like you trading things in and we’ll all be happy. :-D


Yeah, I finally topped off my PSOne collection at 98 games, Legend of Mana being the last one.

As for Tech Romancer, I am glad you like it so much. I think I managed to sell at least 30 different people on it since its release. I wish I could have done more for the game, but most people don’t appreciate fighting games for what they are, instead comparing them to Tekken and Virtua Fighter endlessly.


Did you say in another thread that you played Saiyuki? I have been eyeing it, waiting for a price drop. I read somewhere that it was decent, not FFT, but decent.

Also, I predict that Xenogears will be priced at $39.99 until the roaches and squirrels rule the world.

I haven’t played it, but the general opinion I have heard regarding Saiyuki is that it is rather average. I did watch the intro and it freaked me out. Anyway, while pretty difficult I hear Hoshigami is pretty good. You really need to like tweaking your party tho before battles. Or so I am told.

And yeah, Xenogears will always be expensive I think.

Hmmm, I heard the opposite. I read a review that Saiyuki was a diamond in the rough and a couple of others that Hoshigami was rather bland. I imagine the decision I made to purchase neither was probably sound.

Just goes to show you how crappy the selection in the strategy genre is on the PS2. I am digging for stale PS1 games rather than looking forward to anything out or coming out for the PS2.

September 24th: Dynasty Tactics

I am pinning all my hopes on this one title.

Saiyuki is uniformly dumb and awful. Stay far away from it. The battles are incredibly easy, and you have almost no customzation controls over the characters - it’s just simple battles and leveling up.

Hoshigami, on the other hand, is brilliant but brutal. If you get, be sure to turn off confirmations to streamline the interface a bit, and spend as much time as you can figuring out the Coinfeigm system. The battle system is elegant and extremely intellectually engaging, although the AI is dumb as dirt. Figuring out Sessions (knocking one enemy into an ally and bouncing them all over the map) yields crazy rewards, and there’s a ton of Devotions and secret characters, as well as branching paths. It’s a very hard game, but in some ways, it’s also one of the best tactical RPGs on a console.

Thanks Doug. I do not remember any of the reviews I read sharing those sentiments. Yet another reason to ignore the vast majority of game site reviews and come to Qt3 for guidance.

I railed long and hard against the bad reviews Hoshigami received on another forum, and posted a good hundred or so pages of content defending the game. Neither the reviewer from The GIA, from IGN, or from Working Designs’ site (the RPC critic) could back up their assertions - they all just said the game was too hard for too little reward, and that made them want to dislike the game.

The trouble is, Hoshigami isn’t that hard if you abuse the Coinfeigm system - in fact, with a little work, it can become obscenely easy. The reviewers took the FFT approach of extensive levelling up to face down story battles, which requires a tedious amountof effort in Hoshi. That’s not to say that Hoshi doesn’t have a few flaws in this area - the Towers of Trial, where you go to earn new seals, can be really dry - but it’s no worse than the training in Tactics Ogre. Taking the time to muck about and create high-powered coins will give access to spells that can slaughter whole armies, within the first chapter.

Hoshigami isn’t a reviewer friendly game, especially since it looks so stereotypical and seems to encourage FFT-style level abuse. It’s not FFT, despite the visual similarities and the Job System/Devotion semi-parallel; rather, it’s a step forward in a lot of ways (the RAP gage and sensitivity to action time) as well as a step back in a few others (AI, story). Hishigami is a disturbingly deep game that requires the player to investigate the various “systems” in the game (Devotion classes, Coinfeigm magic, RAP timing, Session attacks), and in doing so, will largely eliminate any frustration or sense of crushing difficulty. The challenge is understanding the game, not winning battles.

Legend of Mana is one of the prettiest games ever, and deffinitely worth owning for that reason alone. Too bad it doesn’t play quite as well as it looks. You can only attack to the left and the right, not up and down, and there isn’t very much visual feedback to help you line up attacks properly.

My last really nifty game purchase was actually when I bought my PS2. I had been to EB and Babbages looking for used systems. EB was charging an outrageous $180, ten more than they charge on their own web site. Babbages only wanted $170, but they were fresh out. I actually found a system at a nearby pawn shop. It was marked at $170, but I talked 'em down to $150, and got them to throw in a copy of Valkyrie Profile they had lying around for free. Having aquired that game, the only games I’m still out to buy for the PSX are both Saga Frontiers, Battle Ogre and maybe Kartia. Has anyone played Kartia? I’m mostly interested because of the Amano character designs.

This thread makes me long for my Dreamcast again. So many games (like Dave said about PSOne) are games you’ll want to play eventually, like the only GOOD port of Crazy Taxi, Shenmue, a version of Capcom vs. SNK that doesn’t have a full minute of load time, Sonic Adventure games (so 2 is on the cube, big deal), Street Fighter 3, Chu Chu Rocket (OK, so that one’s on GBA). I miss it…sigh.

I could never part with my two Dreamcasts and have considered a third for the second TV. EB’s got a good deal right now. Buy $75 in pre-owned DC games and get a DC pre-owned for FREE. You can’t beat that. My problem is I’ve got such a big collection now that it’d be tough to find $75 in pre-owned to get the system. Although some things are overpriced there… hmmmm…

I played Gunbird 2 for about four hours last night. Goddamn that shooter rocks. It’s so fruity and yet it’s hardcore with patterns and strategy. I didn’t want to stop, but my right hand hurt so bad from hitting the fire button I was forced to. So I switched to Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and opened up two more characters before hitting the hay. I also got my high score on one credit… something like 760 million with Cable (cheap), Omega Red and Spider-Man. The game may be unbalanced character-wise but it’s an orgy of color, sound and powerful fighting. I love it!


I usually make personal ‘Ultimate Collections’ a few years after the console passes. For example I just finished my PS Ultimate collection at 98 titles. I will never sell or trade these. I even bought a back up PSOne. I finished my Dreamcast Ultimate Collection a while back at about 38 titles, have a back up DC too.