Trail of Cthulhu campaign: The Tear of Kali

So the Trail of Cthulhu campaign I previously advertised for is going ahead Sunday evening (NZ time). The campaign is titled The Tear of Kali and takes place in 20s UK. All four characters are being called to the reading of the “living will” of an old friend of theirs.

The four characters are:

Erik Schröder - chequers
"It isn’t easy being a sniper without a trigger finger. So what, it gets blown off after drills one day, you learn to shoot with another one. But the brass didn’t see it that way, and now here’s Erik back amongst the civvies with barely a pound to his name.

What else can he do but get in touch with old school friends for a bit of help? And if they need something in return, who’s Erik to say no?"

Robert De Bellamont - sharaleo
Robert De Bellamont, born in the south of France, emigrated to London, England at an early age to live with Aunt and Uncle, following the death of his parents.

Being described as academically gifted at a young age, he attended University College London and Imperial College London through to his late twenties. Showing a keen interest and grasp of the natural sciences and a burning desire to understand the inexplicable, he quickly came to the attention of Senior Professors, with whom he established close relatioships and often assisted in some of the Colleges’ less…purely academic pursuits. It was during this time that his interest and skills in forensics were formed.

With a reputation of thoroughness, preparedness and having an eye for detail, Robert has carried his talents beyond academia and enjoys a mildly successful career as a Forensic Consultant to many agencies, both local and abroad.

Robert has never quite come to terms with the death of his parents and suspects his unusual scholarly drive may be the result of a subliminal desire to understand the circumstances surrounding it…

Elizabeth Manners-Sutton - Anders
“Elizabeth Manners-Sutton was born rich and privileged, and doesn’t mind telling people so. As part of the line of the Viscounts Canterbury, she is thoroughly dedicated to the ideals of the English nobility, and deeply resents the movement towards mass suffrage and is horrified at the recent revolutions on the Continent. Though happy that she could study Modern History at Somerville College in Oxford, the more radical demands of uncouth feminists leave her cold. As far as she is concerned, England brought civilization to the world, and she will accept no intrusions of pagan religions or barbaric customs on British soil.”

Winthrop Van Foy - Anti-Bunny
“Winthrop is an American immigrant and an experimental composer best known for his breakthrough hit “Through the Heavens” from several years ago. His following pieces have since failed to gain the same popularity. He is currently making a comfortable living composing Broadway arrangements, but feeling uninspired, as if his talents are wasted on such trivial work. Travelling now, searching for inspiration by visiting an old friend.”

If I see good write-ups by the players post-session (in character or otherwise) I’ll probably reward them in game - so do encourage them to describe what they got up to if you’re interested in such things!

I look forward to reports from Elizabeth Manners-Sutton…should be a good pot-stirrer

Hey Calistas, I updated my Character Sheet with a bio if you want to add it above.


Done! Game starts in 30 minutes - first session!

…or it would have if Anders and Chequers had made it - we’ll call it quits in 5 min.

Also, if you’re reading this with me having just posted it (9pm NZ time, Sunday night) then you’re well placed to join the game, if you so wish! We cancelled the first session due to a lack of players (and Anti-Bunny got up at 5am too!) so can add people easily.

If you’re not familiar with the game it’s horror roleplay with a mix of detective work and puzzling out clues before gibbering into the night as the creatures from beyond drive you insane. It’s all jolly good fun, set in the 1920s UK!

Pretty much all you need you know: