Trailer for Guy Ritchie's Man From U.N.C.L.E

I’m fairly sure it was the tape they were burning and if I recall correctly the shot you mentioned clearly showed that it was the backup tape but I’m not going to pay for another ticket just to check.

And what sort of floppy drive was that anyhow? i give props to the man from UNCLE for having, uh, 60s looking props. I love the little blinking doodad strapped to Alicia Vikander’s thigh.

$13.5 million over the weekend. Flop city.

KellyWand does not disappoint. That was awesome.

I’m not surprised. This movie was pretty much doomed as soon as Tom Cruise dropped out of the lead role.


Hey Tim, don’t know what sort of form factor they were using, but I got the impression it was a sort of portable magnetic tape backup (perhaps novel for this film as I’ve not seen that form factor before), but falls in line with other small form tape drives from that era. It seemed like they pulled the tape out from inside the device and had burned it.

This is now my favorite thing.


“So you don’t want to dance…but you do want to wrestle.”

I wondered if that was what I was seeing!

The case looked pretty distinct, but I’d never seen anything like it before. Now the backup tapes look like those little Hi8 video camera tapes from the 90s (I had one in the 90s, at least).