Trailer for Postal

A postal trailer! But wait, it’s going to be a comedy!

I’m guessing Uwe Boll is a big fan of the razor-sharp witty wit of the South Park people, because Postal looks like it’s about to take the prosperous Team America franchise in a new exciting direction.

Wow, do I ever feel sorry for Dave Foley.

hmmm looks better than “Epic Movie”

Looks like Uwe Boll’s first movie that has even the tiniest most remote possibility of being not-horrible. Funny that it would be a movie about Postal.

I’m lining up outside my theatre this weekend.

does uwe boll understand sarcasm?

It looks like this one could at least offer some B-movie mocking fun, which would make it the apex of his career.

It looked like it might qualify as a renter, which more than I can say for all of his other movies.

Just can’t seem to work up the energy to do that Dubya impression.

What the hell does this have to do with Postal.

Arabs on a jihad, angry white men shooting up the place? That was pretty much
all Postal 2 was about.

Looks like the first Boll film I’ll not make an effort to avoid.

I’d watch this if it aired on TBS at 4am or something.

Ah, never played Postal 2. Looks like I really missed out.

I like the part where it’s soon to be banned from a theater near me. I doubt I’ll be able to see it at a theater near me, but not because they banned it.

I assume the fart gag shown will be the movie’s comedic climax.
To the people holding hopes that there will be any imaginable way in which the flick will not suck: You taint your very soul! Repent!!1

No words.

Yeah, no kidding. The guy needs a new agent, what with Celebrity Poker Showdown and now this.

I was a huge Kids In The Hall fan, and it really pains me to see this guy getting this kind of work. He’s really funnyl… or at least, he was.

it looks like a Troma film

Postal funny?
I was expecting more along the lines of “Falling Down”, but this, this…fuck, I want to box this fucker now.

If you’re a glutton for punishment check out the “Grosser” trailer:

If you didn’t feel sorry for Dave Foley before, this may change your mind.