Trailer Park Boys the rethread

OK, so I searched the forum and this has not been discussed since 2003, but are there any fellow fans of the Canadian Showcase series Trailer Park Boys out there?

The show follows the adventures of Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles, and it is kind of an acquired taste. I have introduced a lot of people to it and usually people are either bent over laughing, or completely expressionless, ergo you love it right away or hate it. I love it.

They are currently in their seventh season, and with the exception of the lackluster movie from last year (basically a recreation of the first two seasons) and the really depressing fifth season, the show has just continued to get better, and better.

You can download the shows through bit torrent. There is a site called Digital Distractions that has all of the episodes, I have also found them on Mininova.

This season is the best. Was anyone else aware that Sebastian Bach was huge into the Model Train scene and has a huge rivalry with Patrick Swayze?

Watch TPB for more, you won’t regret it!

Oh my fuck, boys! Do you think it’s a samsquanch?


BBC America was airing this a couple years ago – I caught a few episodes and enjoyed it, but not enough to call myself a fan.

It left me cold.

Looks you idiotics, it’s not rocket appliances, it’s just a great TV show for learnings and stuff. Also, you can learn how to roll killer 6 paper joints for fuck’s sake and how to pronounce jalapeno.

DaveC, let’s go… smokes.

Why don’t you back the fuck off before we have a shitstorm of shitastic proportions.

Glad to see that there are some fans on here. Definitely check season 7 out on bit torrent.

I’m gonna get drunk and there is nothing that the pillsbury doe boy and team sexy can do to stop me.

I’m getting drunk as fuck and eating chicken fingers. The good kind.

It’s the Shiternet, Randy. It’s where people go online and post their shit and then other people go online and read that posted shit.

They told me I wasn’t supposed to curse but I just know you people love fuckin’ trains!

We could get two birds stoned at once if you got the learnings I fucking know how it’s pronounced, but I ordered galapenos. This is the worst case Ontario. Fucksakes, I miss jail.

Look at that Julian! It’s the personal train of Patrick Swayze!

Why don’t you just shut up, everyone knows that Patrick Swayze uses all types of illegal parts in his trains.

Ray! Why are you bringing (whispers) ladies of the night with us.
Their friends of the road bubs, they just need a ride down to main.
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Anyone got any piss jugs lying around?

So, started watching this show recently.

The best part is that all of the entire series is available on google video to watch.

Love it, and recommend it to everyone reading.

You go and make me link it.

Episode 1

The show really reminds me a lot of “Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. It is about a bunch of guys that live in a trailer parks, scheming to get by, getting into trouble, and generally being hilarious. It uses the same formula of having ridiculous archetypal characters getting into hilarious situations and doing stupid things. Just good t.v.

The only difference is that this show has no budget (for the first 2 seasons) and then goes on from there. Season 3 has an awesome Rush cameo.

The exchanges between Alex and Ricky made me laugh so damn hard. Probably my favorite TPB episode.

And Jim Lahey may be my favorite comedic character of the previous decade.

Likewise, one of the more recent Rush tours had an awesome Bubbles cameo (he walked onstage to pump some quarters into the washing machines).


I caught the movie on Netflix and thought it was OK for amusement while otherwise engaged, but the jokes seemed to fall back too often on speeches about smokin’ dope, gettin’ wasted, etc.

There’s something about the little elements which, I’m not sure if they’re ad-libbed, but are funnier to me for drawing less attention to themselves than the blunt expletive trauma.

One that stuck with me was the guy who always has a mixed drink with him asserting that he brought his drink from home when accused at the strip club of stealing it. Those little bits of weirdness are what make it work for me.