Train Valley


Having played the same maps over and over, my experience is that the stations are placed always at the same spots, but not appearing in the same order, excepting maybe for the initial ones.
I’ll describe what I mean by it being a memory game: the game lets you build tracks, pause the action leisurely, but doesn’t keep an handy list of the trains you activated. So here I am, game paused, activating two trains and drawing more layouts, spending a few more minutes designing or optimizing my tracks. Then, of course, I forgot I activated that train over there as I activate another one, whose course will overlap with it. Yes, the game displays (dimly) an icon when you activated a train, but the absence of a list and the weird colour dependence (if they would just use station names instead!) doesn’t ease my interactions. So far, I have played for over 2 hours on the same 3 maps because I just will commit an error of that kind at some point, every time. What’s that? I could just stop activating trains while paused? ;)


Yea, it’s definitely true that there are predetermined spots that the stations will appear at. We probably approach the game a bit differently as I don’t think I found the train activation an issue. I may have been more cautious or something activating the trains.


[It’s been a while, but:

  1. Every time a train goes over a track, doesn’t it flip the track-switches? I remember you need to pay careful attention every time a train goes through something as it’ll mess it up for the next one. Edit: Thinking about, and watching a youtube video to confirm, If a train goes through a junction it’ll align it to the way it’s going.

  2. All trains that are active have a floaty coloured icon above them. So if you’re paused you can see them all, even if they’re in a tunnel or still in the starting station.


How’s the replayability of this game? I see there’s a sandbox mode. Are there any sort of high-score or achievement goals in that mode?


Since the leaderboards don’t seem to be working (they are empty for me), I’ll post my scores here so people have something to compare to. I’d be interested to see others scores here too.

Season 1 (Europe - first tab): 114,940
Season 2: (USA - second tab): 202,270
Season 3: (Russia - third tab): 215,000
Season 4: (Japan - fourth tab): 220, 640


There is a leaderboard, but it doesn’t seem to work. You do get a score for the last mission on each tab, so you could try and beat your prior score. It doesn’t look like there is any money in sandbox, so it seems like it is there to let the player just build whatever they want without the challenge of money.


Hmm, okay, thanks. I might give it a whirl. The price is certainly right.


At $2.99 this may of finally reached a price point where I’m willing to pull the trigger, where did you guys land on this one ultimately, worth a spin or pass?


It is fairly light on strategy, but I enjoyed playing it quite a bit. It can get slightly hectic, but you can pause. You need to be able to kinda visualize the timing of the multiple trains and what switches need to be switched to get the trains to their destinations. Definitely worth that price to me.


Thanks for the input, I’ll have to give that one some consideration, certainly at that price there’s not much risk!


There’s also a demo (kids, ask your parents) on Steam. I fooled around a bit with it earlier, but it wasn’t quite enough to get me to pull the trigger. I probably will in the next couple of days if something more enticing doesn’t come along.


Not sure why, but demos are just something I can’t be bothered with, I realize it makes absolutely no sense. So ultimately I either buy a game or not. About the best I can do in terms of quasi rational behavior when it comes to game purchasing is waiting till they’re on sale. Then apparently I’m tapped out on my rationality reserves.

Reminds me of the equally non-nonsensical way I used to treat DVR recordings back when I had cable TV, I recorded them but never watched them. So no matter how elaborate my efforts in tracking down and recording great stuff to watch, I still just ended up watching whatever was on at the moment I sat down based on surfing what was on at that very moment.

I can’t explain either one. But then I’m utterly lost by most human behavior, most especially my own.


I think it’s well worth $5. Maybe even $10?!


The Germany DLC’s on sale on steam, so thought I’d start playing this again. I agree it’s well worth a few bucks: part careful planning, part hectic troubleshooting when everything goes wrong.

Mine are:
Europe: 200,960
USA: 504,950
Russia: 362,580
Japan (not China!): 414,920


Wow, nice scores! Sorry about the season 4 name mix up.


Thanks. Some of those… took a few goes.

Didn’t mean to imply I was offended by China confusion. Probably should have added a ;) .


The 2nd game is out now, figured this thread is good enough as it isn’t super popular around here.


I liked the first one enough to pick this up on sale. It’s a pretty good game.


Train Valley 1 was great. And now it’s telling me it’s “Puzzle meets Tycoon”?? Yes please!


Yeah I like that, it gives maps more purpose!