Train Wreck Thread

Coal train crew notice smoke, stop on creosoted wooden bridge…not good
(with lovely pictures)

Edit: optimistically changed title due to Mr. D’s larger sense of potential

That was cool.

But Cannonfodder, this thread should really be “Train Wreck Thread.” Go meta!

Good thread title. I felt an irresistible urge to take a look. :)

Did you call me coal train?


Shit I thought this was about the Pistons’ 4th quarter effort.

Comon guys…

I’ll bite…

Coming to you from dorm rooms everywhere, the classic:


Reference check, aisle three!

Reference check, aisle three![/quote]
The Royal Tenenbaums.

Train Wreck:

Coltrane. Maybe not a wreck.

More like: “hand check!”

I am powerless to resist.

Impossible to stop.

Supertanker trumped all y’all. What he failed to note in his picture is that he was actually in that very Metrolink car when it came off the rails, spun around, and tumped over.

Which is pretty damn impressive and all, but it would have been a lot cooler if he’d gotten that Bruce Willis invincibility effect out of the whole deal.