Anyone tried this game? I spent a good chunk of work today playing it. It’s a spaceship twitch roguelike with asteroids controls, kinda. It’s surprisingly polished and deep for a free game, and inspires a good bit of "just 5 more minutes"itis. Well worth the 8MB download.

Played it a bit, don’t like it. The minute-to-minute flying and aiming don’t feel good (the limited number of angles your ship is displayed at, the jumpiness of the radar, the extreme tweakiness of aiming and how hard it is to hit something even when you are sitting still relative to it). On top of that, the game was kind of boring in terms of being unchallenging, for about 45 minutes, till all of a sudden I ran into some guys who just totally kicked my ass with no warning.

For a “fly around doing asteroids stuff and upgrading your ship” game, I liked Starscape more (though it isn’t perfect either by any means).

Well the weapons do autotarget within a firing arc but I agree, I’d prefer a different control scheme. Ideally you’d move using the arrow keys and aim using the mouse, like that old game abuse. Still, transcendence killed a lot of hours during the holiday lull.

Course today I’m stuck at home due to the NYC transit strike so I can like, play Fear and UT2k4 instead.

I kinda like it, but the controls are a bit overly twitchy and imprecise. Really, it just revives my Escape Velocity jones.

What auto-target? The pea shooter I started with didn’t auto target (and I never got a better one).

Unless the arc is so small I didn’t notice it, and then my comments still stand.

Actually, I like these kinds of games. Armada for the DC was a blast. There was talk of a sequel, but it never came about. Anyone have other suggestions for this type of gameplay?

Escape Velocity and Flatspace jump to mind.

This game would be fantastic if it had a modern engine. Even Subspace, way back in the day, was smoother than this.

Try the freighter, it starts with an omni auto-targeting laser which makes the beginning of the game a breeze. Also you can pick up everything since you have so much space.

To be fair, it doesn’t look like they have even reached 1.0 version status. So they may work out some of these kinks.