Transferring gigabytes of files from Mac to PC

My friend has a problem. Specifically, she has this problem:

I have 160 gb of files on a mac that I need to copy to a pc. What is the most efficient way to make this transfer? Moving them on my external hard drive does not work due to formatting issues.

Any ideas?

Put them both on the same network and copy the files? They’ll talk to each other, you know.

Set up a network share on the PC (right-click on the folder you want to put them in and look for the “Sharing and Security” settings), attach to it on the Mac (Cmd-K in Finder if it doesn’t show up automatically), and copy-and-paste like you would normally.

Edit for bonus much faster method: If the PC has firewire, you can run a cable between them, boot the Mac in target disk mode (hold down T while booting, I think), and use something like HFSExplorer on the PC to access the Mac’s drive. Or use that with the external drive, if it’s already formatted as HFS.

formatting issues?

mac can read/write ntfs with macfuse.

Awesome, thanks guys.

I have an ftp server with stuff that I’d like to sync automatically to multiple machines. Is there a whizbang tool that does this automagically?

Ideally I’d like it to be like Dropbox, but going to my server instead of theirs (occasionally I might want to pop a 4gig file there or something). I know about rsync and scripting that, but I’d like something a bit less fiddly and more braindead.