Transferring Steam install - something not working right

I screwed something up and am hoping you can help me fix this. From reading various threads I was under the assumption that since I had my Steam install on aseparate drive rom my Windows install, I wud beable to install Steam to the old directory and whe I went to play/install a game that was already there it would just update the files and do a quick install of various extra stuff it needed. But instead it i downloading ever game I had beore from scratch as if there were no files there.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? I can’t have every game I want t play be redownload from scratch as that would be 2 TB. Thanks!

Did you get the Sansa Clip?

nm all - I am a damn idiot. Installed Steam to the wrong drive so was looking at wrong folders all this time. Thank REI for the help.

So did you get it working?

Also, please post a review of the Clip if you can :)

I decided to copy my entire Steam dir to yet another hard drive before moving forward. I may screw something else up, so I’m still waiting for that to finish. So you mean an official Clip review on Amazon? Or one here?

Oh the clip on that other mp3 thread you started