Transformers 2

Anyone pumped for this? Looks like they have the feel better nailed this time around:

Yep, it’s official. Red Faction has ruined me on games with non-destructible environments. Seriously, how is he not punching holes in those rooftops every time he leaps onto one? Also it does not look very fun.

Seriously? That looks abysmal. It looks like a generic open-world game where you spend all your time taking out robot thugs in a bland, boring, unremarkable backdrop. If I’m in charge of Optimus Prime, the last thing I want to do is sit around plinking little decepticons to death. Give me stretches of extreme racing with transformations in between as I try to take my horribly voice-acted human friend away from Megatron as quickly as possible, then, once I get him to safety, give me epic-sized giant robot-pounding combat where buildings flatten nearby as incidental damage. Bonus points if I have to avoid flattening the humans as I’m battling Megatron.

Can you or someone else here please make that game right now? Go ahead and charge $100 per copy, you’d sell boatloads.


The clue is in the lower right hand corner.

The multiplayer is fun enough for what it is. I haven’t had any experience with the single player, but I have read there’s a lot of timed mission stuff, which I do not like.

Wow! The combat sounds so deep – I mean, I can fight on the ground or on the rooftops! Maybe I’ll even be able to fight while hanging off of the side of a building! The mind, it boggles with the possibilities.

Whoever gave that demo really needs to learn how to talk up his game. It uses bog-standard dynamic damage decals and lets me climb buildings? Oh, do tell me more! Will I get to sit through laborious escort missions featuring braindead AI, too? Please?

I have never before indulged in this staple of Qt3 curmudgeonry, but is Jose trying to make a few bucks as a viral marketer until his podium powers kick in?

It actually doesn’t look that bad. Though, someone mentioned earlier how red faction set a bar…

If the buildings aren’t destructable… I will feel weirded out.

The game would be so awesome if you could be running around and toss a decepticon into a building and watch it crumble around him.

The whole point of transformers was to be a huge kick ass robot… but you end up being a huge kickass robot incapable of damaging buildings?

Yeah… it’s going to be tough for any game like this post Red Faction. You can immediately see that Transformers would benefit tremendously from that engine.

I mean, really, the little robots that you use (rarely) in Red Faction are way more dynamic, tactile and interesting than anything Optimus Prime does in that video. And RF isn’t even a game about being a robot.

He’s bracing us all for his impending 9.5 review. This is, after all, an Activision game.


You could destroy buildings in the last game, which otherwise was not remotely notable.

Given the Transformers fans around here, I’m sure some of you will end up playing it. :)

Playing it is not the same as liking it, of course.

Of course

Set the bar at selling less than 200,000 copies… don’t look for that total destruction to catch on with other publishers right away.

How do you have sales figures? It’s still June

Well, there are plenty of very well recieved games that don’t sell well initially that have a big sell-through

I am pretty sure that RF:G is going to do plenty well.

I saw a video of this on GameTrailers when I went there to see if a Ghostbusters review had been posted. It showed Starscream flying around and changing between a jet and an anthropomorphic robot on the fly (heh) and blowing stuff up. It looked halfway decent really. Maybe it’ll be worth picking up in the bargain bin in the fall.

Ooh, you are such a jerk!