Transformers 3: The Dark of the Moon

Finally the movie is named! I feel so much better.


That is all.

Sounds like a romance novel or a Sinatra song.

Shockwave’s the main enemy. I liked what they did with Starscream in the last movie, so lets hope they don’t fuck up the only remaining transformer that i absolutely need to see.

I heard on the local news that they’re going to be filming some of the scenes for the movie this week on the National Mall.


And in related news, the extra who was disfigured and disabled when a stunt crash horrifically went wrong in Illinois just sued Paramount and a whole bunch of other companies involved. (A tow cable snapped and sent a giant piece of metal flying into her windshield… and her face. Aside from the disfigurement, she’s still paralyzed on the left side.)

From the news reports and the lawsuit, there was some pretty awful negligence on that set.

If the entire movie is choreographed to play along with Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon album, I might watch it.

Well, one phrase that doesn’t spring to mind when considering a Michael Bay stunt set is “thoughtful restraint.”

Transformers 3: Bark at the Moon

First thing I thought of when I saw the title. It doesn’t really make any sense. It implies the whole moon is dark, when we all know it can’t all be dark. A better title would have been Darkness of the Moon.

What did they do with Starscream? I’ve seen most of the movie but don’t really recall much about him post Gamalon scenes (or wherever the transformers are from). Hell, I can barely tell them all apart. Which one is Shockwave? I guess that means Megatron is gone?

Shockwave is the one covered in lots of spiky bits.

It’s a perfectly cromulent phrase. It’s a fancy way of referring to the time when the moon is waning.The movie will not be the first time it has been used as a title.

This would be a fine title in a drama or other film with even a slight expectation of some kind of thoughtful plot.

However in this case, they should’ve just called it “Transformers 3: This Shit Be Deep, Yo.”

Have you seen the movies? That doesn’t narrow it down.

Wow. Attack of the Clones is no longer the worst-named blockbuster film, I guess.

It sounds like the subtitle to a bad Square RPG.

Attack of the Clones still sounds objectively sillier than The Dark of the Moon, but in the context of this being a Transformers movie, it’s too close to call.

Attack of the Clones is at least an intelligible phrase. I have no idea what The Dark of the Moon refers to. Pink Floyd notwithstanding, there really does seem to be a word missing.

Darkness When Moons.

— Alan